Update: Reunited! Found Dog

by Prince Of Petworth December 15, 2012 at 10:34 am 17 Comments

Dear PoPville,

I found this dog this morning around 8 AM when I was walking my own dogs. She came towards us on Kenyon btwn 11/13th. She was shaking and seemed nervous. She has a red collar, but no tags. I currently have her at my house, but she won’t come upstairs! Please help me find her owner!

If this is your dog or you know who’s dog it is please email me at princeofpetworth(at)gmail and I’ll put you in touch with the OP.

  • Anonymous

    Please take her to a vet to get her scanned for a microchip! That may help your search.

  • Anonymous

    I also want to say thanks for keeping her safe while you look for her owner! As a pet owner I am grateful for kindhearted people like you!

  • Do’t forget to call DC Animal Control at 202-576-6664 and place what is called a ‘found report’ which they can cross refrence with ‘lost reports’.

  • Can we please use this second or third found dog this week with no tags as a reminder to pet owners to put a freakin tag on their pets with at least a name or phone number?

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that.

  • Jenny

    I think that might be Coco, who belongs to a man who lives a few doors down from Wonderland on Kenyon Street. I think he is in the red house.

  • Eliz

    Take her to any vet and have her scanned for a microchip! They will be happy to do it for no charge.

  • OP

    HAPPY ENDING thanks to the POP community! Thank you so much for the tip on the red house on Kenyon. I went back to that block and found a neighbor who directed me to the house next door to the red house! The dog belongs to an older gentlemen there who had been ‘looking all over the house’ for her. She is home safe! Thanks again and happy holidays POP and neighbors!

    • So happy they have been reunited!

    • Yay you! Enjoy the good karma.

    • sv

      Great news, and another reason why this blog is a great benefit to our city!!

  • Yay! :-)

  • Online pet tags on sale. http://www.pettags.com/pettags.aspx?CategoryID=57

    The round ones can fit 4 phone numbers and house address.

    • And if the issue is that the tags jingle or get caught on stuff, I swear on Boomerang tags. They attach to the collar – so if the collar stays on, the tags stay on. My dog used to do everything he could to get out of his collar because he hated the jingling of the tags, but he doesn’t mind the new tags. Can’t remember the website, but I’m sure you can google them

      • I solved the jingling problem by just keeping one ID tag on the collar. I keep the rabies tag in the file at home.

      • jburka

        Another option is to use one of these http://www.itzadog.com/quietspot.cfm to silence the jingling. I’ve never seen the need, but my brother uses them on his three dogs.

        I have to say that keeping your dog’s rabies tag at home pretty much defeats the whole purpose of having it. You have the vet’s signed form at home. You need the tag on the dog in case the dog gets away from your or, worse, gets in a fight and you need to be able to prove immediately that your dog is vaccinated.

        Finally, thanks to the OP for being so cool and helping out with a lost dog!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe someone could purchase tags for Coco as a Christmas present?


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