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  • Anonymous

    Brace yourselves, the ‘dc trees are not public property and get molested on a regular basis’ guys are coming.

  • Brian Bakke

    Thanks for the warning on the tree police. Please know that our block bought and paid for a number of these now decorated trees. As the older city planted trees (some of which are in bad shape) die off, our block will buy, re-plant, and care for all the trees on the block as we have been doing for the past few years.

    • Mari

      Brian you do a great job taking care of the trees and roses on the block. Too bad contractors working on a certain house damaged one of our young trees.

  • Neighbor

    I can still hear the hollow sound from that kids toy.

  • bloomingdale

    I drove down this street yesterday on my way to 395 and noticed the decorations, they made me so happy! At first I thought it was only one tree, but then when I noticed every tree was decorated I was impressed. Well done!


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