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Terrible Car Accident at Shepherd and Georgia Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth November 19, 2012 at 4:16 pm 19 Comments

A reader writes:

“There was a serious 2 car accident about 30 minutes ago [around 2:45pm] at GA and Shepherd. traffic on GA is being diverted. I didn’t see the impact, but I heard it, and then saw one of the cars spinning down the street (actually, being whipped around its trunk is more accurate). That car, a black sedan, had two women and two children in it, including a baby. The other car, a silver SUV, had one man in it. All of the bystanders were worried about everyone, but especially the children. If you could post anything you learn about how they are doing, that would be great. Props to the police too – they were on the scene in mere minutes – I was on the phone with 911 when the first car showed up.”

Another reader writes:

“They say the baby is alive. Car seat is on top of the car. Apparently 2 women were pretty badly injured.”

IAFF36 tweeted:

“Vehicle Accident – GA Ave & Shepherd St NW – 1 trapped in car, rescue squad using hydraulic tools to extricate”

MPD tweeted:

“Four injuries: all are conscious & breathing. AVOID THE AREA.”

As of 4pm traffic was still be diverted.

  • Anonymous

    My god. I hope the people made out better than the cars.

  • Hello Goodbye

    I assume the car in the second picture looks like that because it was cut open to get someone out.

    Hope everyone makes it through alright.

  • Anonymous

    This is horrible. I hope everyone is OK.

    How is it possible to even go that fast in that area to cause an accident this bad? It looks like some serious speeding was involved here.

    • If I had to guess, two words: Maryland drivers

      [/ducks out of thread]

      • Roz

        Nicely done! Funny stuff. (I’m a VA driver and concur.)

        • Anonymous

          Oh come on. Joking about Maryland drivers is hardly clever or original (they are pretty terrible, though).

    • AngryParakeet

      I’m at that corner every day. People race to beat the light, and there is always someone turning left and since there is such steady traffic, the turner has to turn on the red; cars are angrily trying to get from behind the turners so veer into other lanes…add to it the Wendy’s traffic

  • Anonymous

    I guess it’s fortunate no one else was hurt by the spinning car.

  • Identified

    Wow. Hope everyone is ok.

  • michael k. wilkinson

    I don’t know nothing about nothing, really, but that looks like the silver SUV rear-ended the black Honda, and HARD. My guess: distracted driving. My thoughts are with everyone involved. And their families. Sigh.

  • I walked through that intersection at 10:30 this morning, and there was a construction crew digging up the street in the southbound lanes. Don’t know if that work had anything to do with it.

  • whoa. prayers for the victims and their recovery.

    could anybody explain how the rear wheel on the SUV could wind up at a 45-degree angle? broken axle?

    • anon

      probably broke while getting spun around

    • Anonymous

      That part of GA Ave has lots and lots of speeding and rushing to catch the lights. Including metro buses (esp the 70 southbound!).

      Perhaps the broken rear wheel is because the SUV hit the passenger side rear of the black car (one or the other may have been running a yellow/red light?). The SUV then spun left in the air and when it landed it hit hard on the driver side rear wheel, breaking it. Maybe the black car ran the light and the SUV was speeding.

      My car was hit just like the black car at 8th and Varnum, I rolled through a stop sign, and the other guy coming down from Grant Circle on Varnum ignored his at full speed. So happy it wasn’t a direct T-Bone, that millisecond before impact I was definitely thinking about my kids in the back seat as I gunned it to try to avoid the crash! He nailed my bumper hard and spun us around something fierce. Very good reminder to come to a complete stop and obey traffic signals.

      I hope everyone is ok!

      • Anonymous

        Yes, it is a great reminder. My best friend’s parents were t-boned by someone running a stop sign. Her mom died a quadriplegic a year and a half later.

      • Anonymous

        I’m wondering if all of the badly-synched lights there are intentionally placed to slow traffic down. The problem is that having lots of cars stopped at every light just increases the possibility of a rear-end collision from a distracted or drunk driver. These seem to be among the most common types of collisions.

  • Does anybody have any updates on the people injured? My heart hurts for those children.

  • Anonymous

    I heard the car with the single passenger had a medical emergency while driving which is what actually caused the accident.

  • alfredo

    The black car is my car but the baby is ok the girl too but. My wife is on the. Hospital her body have five fracture she was on the surgical area for eight hours operation please praying for us


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