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Renovations from PoPville – Another Great Backyard

by Prince Of Petworth November 21, 2012 at 11:00 am 8 Comments


Yesterday we took a look at a great backyard renovation from Shaw. Another readers sends his backyard reno:

“Everything cost about 10,000, we did everything ourselves (even broke the concrete) except building the deck. We built raised planter beds for growing vegetables and have a fire pit and pear and fig trees. This helps with water runoff into the alley.”

Very nice!

If you have a renovation you’d be willing to share please send a few photos (preferably before and after) and include a few details about the project including cost to – princeofpetworth(at)gmail

  • Anonymous

    Wow – looks nice. I’m wondering if at the same time they did anything to level out or address what looks like a crooked lower half of the house?

    • Anonymous

      I forgot to also ask about the decision to block the window in the ground level? Not that you would be losing any great view but the window looked decent sized enough that maybe it let in a fair amount of light and cutting that out or diminishing it greatly would seem like a loss to me.

      • robert

        the window is still there, it just looks dark from the picture

        • Anonymous

          Thanks. I can see that the window is still there. My question was about the decision to block it or cut out the light that it might have brought into the home in the first place. Though the redone backyard is beautiful.

    • C3PO

      I think the problem is that the photo isn’t straight, not so much the house.

  • wd

    but where do you park?

  • jeff

    Holy cow! That is, to quote PoP, ridiculously awesome! The freedom to do projects like that is one of the things I really envy homeowners for. Good work, and congratulations.

  • Anonymous

    Did you get the RiverSmart rebate too?


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