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Kinkead’s Closing Dec. 22nd in Foggy Bottom

by Prince Of Petworth November 21, 2012 at 10:30 am 44 Comments

Photo by flickr user JefferyTurner

Kinkead’s tweets:

“With a heavy heart we must announce that Kinkead’s will be closing it’s doors on 12/22/2012. Call 202.296.7700 to reserve your table now!”

You can see their menus here. Any fans?

Kinkead’s is located at 2000 Pennsylvania Ave, NW:

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  • Yada

    The food was great, but an incredibly stuffy/lame atmosphere and terrible location.

    • Anonymous

      I thought the atmosphere was fine, but the location was bad. I still think it is one of the best seafood restaurants in the city. Sad to see it go.

    • Bad location? I mean, I know that anything west of the park is a “bad location” to many PoP’ers, but that’s a fringe opinion in DC. What makes Foggy Bottom a bad location?

      • Anonymous

        Hahaha, +1. If it isn’t in Bloomingdale, Shaw, or on upper Georgia Avenue, it’s in a bad location!

        • Anonymous

          Frankly, anything outside of 14th and you/PQ are inconvenient!

          • Anonymous

            It occurs to me that many of DC’s recent arrivals must have lived very sheltered lives wherever they came from, since they so often aren’t willing to branch out beyond a few blocks from their apartments. Sad, really.

          • Anonymous

            Anonymous 1:39, I was being sarcastic with my comment. Apologies that it didn’t come across that way. Cheers.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, venturing out to Foggy Bottom is really living life on the wild side!

          • AK

            Heh! By now I’ve stopped being surprised when a PoP post that mentions an uncool neighborhood is immediately followed by at least comment or two on what a drag it is to get there. If I were reading this site without any knowledge of DC geography, I would probably assume Georgetown is a moon colony.

      • I work in that building. I thought the atmosphere was fine, but it’s not a good location for retail or restaurants – pretty much everything that isn’t student-oriented (and a lot of places that are) has trouble staying open. Nobody comes down here for dinner, and it’s sort of an odd location for lunch on the office/GW border.

        The closing has been rumored for years; I don’t think they’ve been doing that well, and Bob Kinkead moved to Annapolis some time ago.

        • Anonymous

          Founding Farmers is right by Kinkead’s and is doing fine, which tells me it’s more a problem with Kinkead’s itself than the location.

      • nn

        it’s all relative no. it’s a bad location for me because it takes far too long for me to get there relative to many other neighborhoods.
        there’s not much interesting to me nearby, and i seldom wind up in that area. it’s not the most interesting area to just walk around either.
        maybe thats a “fringe” opinion, but i, just like yada and anon10:47 are just sharing our opinions.

        • Yeah, I have to go to GWU around 1-2 times a week now and it is a major time suck getting there from Columbia Heights via public transport.

          • Daniel

            15thst, I’m not sure when you’re commuting from Columbia Heights to GW, but during rush hour, the S1 bus stops by the World Bank on 19th St. Even outside of rush hour, the S2 or S4 bus gets you a few blocks away at 16th and I streets. I prefer this option to the Metro.

        • Anonymous

          I think what people mean is that it’s a location with a sterile streetscape that’s not terribly enjoyable for just walking around, and aside from a few major institutions (GWU, the hospital, and the Kennedy Center) there’s not a whole lot to draw people into the area. And the surrounding areas are mostly business districts that are also somewhat sterile and nonresidential. So what you get in Foggy Bottom is a bunch of boring highrises, college students, and medical professionals during the day, as opposed to the vibrant mix of different people and interesting architecture you see in many other neighborhoods (which are also more convenient to those that live north and east of here).

          • Nn


            You seem to get defensive when people disagree with you. But yet, some of us do. That doesn’t make either of us wrong. It’s just an opinion.

  • Rita

    Didn’t his place in Annapolis close recently too?

    • X

      Yes, Hell Point closed in Annapolis at the end of February, 2012. Was thought to be closing just for the “slow period” and might open up again, but did not happen. Crown & Anchor (a British Pub) opened and closed in that space (in what felt like the blink of an eye), and Phillip’s is back in part of the space, now.

  • monkeyrotca

    I’ll miss the deals at their raw bar. The rest, not so much.

  • Anonymous

    oh no. Where my husband and I went for our first anniversary of dating…

  • shawtopetworth

    :( I’m going to miss Kinkeads. Loved the food and service. Definitely one of the best seafood restaurants in DC. Maybe they’ll consider opening up somewhere else in the city.

    • ah

      I liked it too, but apparently not enough to return their regularly.

  • 17th St

    I’ll miss it. Liked the food and found the location to be almost perfect expecially when my sister worked at GW Hospital. Oh well.

  • Anonymous

    How is that 2000 Penn mall doing, anyway? I haven’t been in there since Tower Records closed!

    • The gallery level space is not doing that great, Wasabi to Go and the Burro have both closed, but Paul has opened this week. I dont think ABP will last that much longer with Paul in the building. Seeing Kinkead’s go is sad though, they will probably just expand Bertuccis.

    • Thank you! I was just telling someone about how there was a Tower Records here (back when it was the only Tower in the area, my parents would take 10-year-old me on special trips to pick out one record single). My friend insisted that there was never a Tower here.

  • I miss the Kinkaid’s circa late-90’s/early-00’s. Back then it was a fun place to visit and the food was excellent. The last time we went (about 2 years ago) it was tired. Service was fine, but the restaurant wasn’t very lively, the decor (especially upstairs) was dated and the food wasn’t worth the prices being charged. Needless to say, we haven’t been back since.

    • Sietsema had a devastatingly accurate encapsulation – “a Xerox of a Xerox of a good meal I had ten years ago.”

    • Bummer – I have not been since 2002, but kept meaning to get back there. But, i only went when I was going to the Kennedy Center for something and the weather seemed likely to be reasonable for the walk. The food was good, at least back then.

  • Ed

    I love Kinkead’s and like other posters always thought it had some of the best seafood in the city. Location was great for me since it was one of the few decent restaurants you could walk to from the State Department where I spent probably twelve of my nearly 30 years in the Foreign Service. Oh well sic transit gloria…

  • Hello Goodbye

    For ten years of living in D.C., I’ve meant to go here…sometime. Guess I just never think about Foggy Bottom as a destination. Oh well.

  • anon

    I went there several years ago during Restaurant Week. I was there on my own, and felt like I was treated as a second-class citizen as a result.

  • Anonymous

    Westend/Foggy Bottom – Raisika Westend, Westend Bistro, Ris, Marcels . . . yeah, not really much of a food destination

    • Anonymous

      With the exception of Marcel, most of those have opened up only in the past couple of years.

      • Anonymous

        Blue Duck, too.

  • Todfd

    It’s the endof an era. I worked there for a year fiull time when they opened and then part time for 7 more years. The food is still great. Many chefs have moved on to open their own places in the are and around the nation such as Ris Lacoste (Ris), Jeff Black ( Pearl Dive, Black’s, Addie’s, and more, Jeff Heineman (Grapeseed and Freddy’s Lobster), and Damian Salvatore ( Persimmon and Wild Tomato). Cheers to 19 years Kinkead’s. I might have to go for lunch now.

  • anne

    Went there about a month ago for lunch. Food used to be fantastic. Not so much any more.

  • Anonymous

    Memories of great food, and the kind of fancy restaurant that made everyone comfortable. I went there about a year ago and still thought it was excellent. It’s understandable that an owner wants to move on, but it will be missed.

  • Adam L

    I really liked Kinkead’s. Sad that it’s closing.

  • Anonymous

    I loved Kinkead’s, they had nice upscale bar, great crabcakes and this Jerusalem artichoke sidedish…yum. I was just thinking that I hadn’t been there in a while, but then I remembered the tab from the last visit, ouch.

  • Otis gal

    I had forgotten all about Kinkeads, I wished someone has reminded me about them.

  • It’s official, the 90s are over.

  • CoHiGuy

    I’ll be in the minority and state that the food wasn’t very good recently. I first went to Kinkead’s about 5 years ago, which was just fine. I went again about a year and a half ago, and it was not good at all. The fish was relatively flavorless, the salad did not taste fresh, and everything else was mediocre. The worst part was the service, which was horrid. I was there for a business lunch with 3 colleagues, so this was peak time, but the server should know that soup requires a soup spoon, appetizers require appetizer plates, and empty drinks pushed to the very edge of the table should be refilled. It also took an inordinate amount of time to get the check.

    I’m sure Kinkead’s was good once upon a time, but it’s been mediocre since. Won’t miss it.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what the real reason it is closing. They did a good business. You used to see Kinkead there but when he opened the Annapolis restaurant, you never saw him? Did that restaurant take Kinkead’s down with it…


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