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New Tavern – The Gryphon – Coming to Former Heritage India Space in Dupont

by Prince Of Petworth — November 14, 2012 at 10:30 am 9 Comments

1337 Connecticut Ave, NW

Back in May Heritage India closed at 1337 Connecticut Ave, NW just south of Dupont Circle. A new tavern called The Gryphon will be taking over the space according to a recent liquor license application:

New Tavern serving light fare. Entertainment with dancing and DJ. Seating capacity of 175, Occupancy Load of 192, and Sidewalk Café with 24 seats.”

In early Oct. Heritage India opened a new location in the former Skewers space above Cafe Luna at 1633 P Street, NW.

  • Anonymous

    how is the new heritage india? anyone been? the old one was great 5 years ago then went downhill fast and was terrible by the time it closed. I’m hoping they refocused and are doing a good job now…

    • 17thSter

      I would also like to know if anyone has tried it. It would be convenient to me for take out. I’m not too hopeful, as I went to the last Heritage for their happy hours, not the food.

      • otberbur

        We ate at the new Heritage India last weekend. Food quality was very good. Although it’s nowhere near the Rasika level, it is several notches above your typical neighborhood Indian place (such as Jiyoti or even our last trip to Indique Heights). It’s also priced higher than typical neighborhood Indian places. Ambience was disappointing; the new place contains more seats than Skewers did in a space that is not exactly roomy. Tables are smallish, and the people at the next table may seem to be right on top of you.

  • JL

    Such an elite location

  • Anonymous

    So I take it Heritage India is back to being an Indian restaurant, instead of a nightclub where patrons have a very good chance of getting shot.

  • I’m interested to see what they do with the space – I always thought it was funny that Heritage India kept the columns, etc from the restaurant/club that was there before them (acropolis, right?)
    Does anyone know if the new Dupont location has the same happy hour specials as it had on CT Ave? They had some great martinis and food specials!

  • Anonymous

    This is so bizarre. Once I get past the shock of its new location, maybe I’ll go try it out. It’s weird to see what was once a nicely appointed restaurant fit into this upstairs small place that is part of a triad of casualness. To be fair, I haven’t been inside the new Heritage India, so it might be great.

  • What happened to Steve’s Bar Room, the weird hiphop dance bar right above the restaurant? That whole building was shady as hell, with the sketchy massage parlor in the basement, the visa-trafficking ESL school on the top floor, and then Steve’s bar on the 2nd floor (had to take a rickety elevator to get into the bar).

    I had a lot of good times & late nights at Steve’s. The PBR vending machine was ace and they always had really skilled DJs.

  • anonymous

    The food at H.I. is great–almost as good as what I had in London earlier this year, and London’s Indian food is way better than any you get in America.


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