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Mayor Gray Announces District’s Five-Year Economic Development Strategy

by Prince Of Petworth November 14, 2012 at 1:30 pm 23 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user sciascia

From a press release:

Mayor Vincent C. Gray and Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Victor L. Hoskins today announced the delivery of one of the Mayor’s key promises: a Five-Year Economic Development Strategy for the District. The strategy provides a roadmap for creating 100,000 new jobs and attracting $1 billion in new revenue for the District over the next five years.

The Five-Year Economic Development Strategy includes six transformative visions for the D.C. economy:

· Create the most business-friendly economy in the nation;
· Grow the largest technology center on the East Coast;
· Be the nation’s destination of choice;
· End retail leakage;
· Develop a best-in-class global medical center; and
· Become the top North American destination for foreign investors, businesses and tourists.

These visions are tied to 52 specific and achievable initiatives. District businesses and universities will play a central role in working with city government to implement these initiatives.

The Gray Administration has been busy at work since January of 2011 making concerted efforts to chart the course to a better District of Columbia. Notable milestones include:

· Launching $2 billion in long-stalled development projects, creating 4,600 construction and 7,600 temporary jobs;

· Placing more than 5,000 D.C. residents in jobs at 800 companies through creative initiatives like One City ● One Hire;

· Completing master plans for St. Elizabeths and Walter Reed;

· Completing 1,428 units of affordable housing and breaking ground on 1,655 more affordable units;

· Establishing the D.C. China Center in Shanghai to promote international trade and investment; and

· Leveraging a newly created business development team to facilitate economic-development opportunities like the consolidation of LivingSocial’s headquarters in the District, attracting Fortify.vc’s business incubator (The Fort) and launching Hub DC to help local businesses acquire federal contracts.

A Strategy Advisory Group helped develop the Five-Year Economic Development Strategy. Advisory group members included local elected officials, District government agency directors, university presidents, and leading employers in seven target sectors: 1) Federal Government and Federal Government Contractors; 2) Higher Education and Health Care; 3) Hospitality; 4) Professional Services; 5) Real Estate and Construction; 6) Retail; and 7) Technology.

The Five-Year Economic Development Strategy is available to the public on the website of the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

  • Taking a page right out of Mao’s Little Red Book!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, it’s easy to list bullet point initiatives like that so long as it’s committed to wish list. Those are some might hefty initiatives. Five years is a short-time period in which to make dreams come true, even on an international scale. If he can do this maybe he should have run for President. Maybe he should get his own house cleaning in order first.

    Nothing wrong with reaching for the stars, of course.

  • I wonder how much longer this “joker” will be in office. With all the plea’s and complete takedown’s of half a dozen of his closest allies and campaign heiarchy, Machen has to have enough in hand now to have him removed from office.

    Having lived here since the Barry Mayoral days, I can say that Vince’s continued presence in the DC government has become more embarrasing than Barry’s ever was. Atleast with Barry, you could blame his hyjinks on all the crack he was doing.

  • Anonymous


    “Create the most business-friendly economy in the nation”

  • Harry

    What a joke. Try to open a business in DC and you are ready to know hell.

    • shep

      +1 on the hell for new businesses. Its like wrestling a rhino.

  • Anonymous

    Right now DC is one of the worst, if not worst, city in the US to try to open a business. One of the least friendly places to open business. They’ve got a long road ahead just on this point.

    • Anonymous

      Unless that business is a food truck!

  • Prince

    The new owner of CK Hotel in Quincy Street and 14th has been waiting for 8 months to demolished that shit and the demolition company has not been able to get approval to demolish it from the city in 8 months.

    What a joke

  • These are definitely some mighty promises. I think even if we can get our business friendly rankings into the 30’s, it would be a vast improvement over being in the bottom handful.

    Will be interested to see how the District evolves over the next 5 years. I am especially following the schools, and hoping to see continued improvement on that end. Also, build the GA Ave Streetcar!

  • Just to list a sample of the great things he’s doing, look at the action statements that are repeated throughout:
    1. “bringing together __ and __ to gather input”
    2. “Encourage ____”
    3. “Actively market ____”
    4. “Conduct ___ analysis”
    5. “Initiate regular communication among ____”

    Dear Mayor Gray,

    Please explain how this is a good use of our tax money. Please do not convene a task force to initiate communication on gathering input to encourage us to believe that this is a good use of our tax money.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

    He left one thig off the list:

    * Elect a city council and mayor that are free of corruption.

  • Ouch. Those are pretty harsh comments. I’m no Gray supporter, but he did get Microsoft to commit to St. Elizabeth’s campus. That’s huge. Maybe they really are getting serious about changing the business climate in DC. Let’s hope.

  • I’ve got a long-stalled development project they can invest in. It’s called the Future Site of Bacon Funeral Home.

  • shawtopetworth

    I agree with many of the comments about opening a business in DC. Getting a business license is a process but when you add to the mix a set of incompetent staff it just makes DC one of the least friendliness cities to start a business.

    There would have to be a lot of staff changes over at DCRA, OTR and DOH for me to take the Mayor seriously.

  • Comrade Poon

    Tovariches! Let us accomplish the Five Year Plan in four years!

  • Anonymous
    • Wow, so he gives Gray credit for the cities trash still getting picked up. Man, we definitely have high expectations for our Mayors now don’t we.

      And considering the Mayors spending has exceeding his budget both times, only to be saved by budget surpluses isn’t a sign of fiscal genius. It is someone who has gotten lucky that Uncle Sam has been on a spending orgy, and consequently DC is the jobs mecca of Western Civilization right now.

      Giving Gray credit for DC’s current economic situation is completely disngenuos considering he (nor any member of the council) had anything remotely to do with it.

      Lastly, all of the private development projects Vince is trying to take credit for that were temporarily shelved during the worst recession since the great Depression, are back on because the PRIVATE developers could get PRIVATE financing again. The city hasn’t offered and interim or bridge financing, so again, he is taking credit where none is due.

      Saying Vince, who has had to spend nearly 300K in personal funds on the most infamous legal defense team assembled since OJ Simpson, defending against a number of widespread felonies which will soon take him down, is somehow responsilble for the Federal Government being based in the District is ridiculous.

      • Anonymous

        Did you even read the article? Fenty let MPD drop to 3600 officers, Gray has grown it to 4000. That alone is enough for me.

        I’ll also point out that O street Market received $40 million dollars in Chinese investment and it was the Mayor that went to China to sell this project.

        I admit that I didn’t vote for him and that I find the allegations surrounding his campaign troubling, but Jaffe is right. Gray has done a good job actually running the city.


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