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  • new

    I think the gagged George Washington mural at 15th and U will be around for awhile.

  • michael

    I didn’t realize there is a placque for it. Where is it located?

  • saf

    I believe that the Toulouse-Latrec mural in Adams Morgan is about the same age.

    • The one in Adams Morgan is slightly older (a year or so). I remember seeing Marilyn getting painted and thinking about the one on 18th Street. I had no idea that she was Marilyn until years later.

  • Nice to see one lasting this long. I’m still bummed they removed the “Duality of Humanity 2” mural next to Logan Hardware on P St. That was one of my favorites; according to my research, it only lasted 4 years.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite is A People Without Murals is a Demuralized People near 18th and Columbia even though a portion of it was erased after being graffitied. I’m guessing its as old of older.

    • Anonymous

      I just looked it up and apparently it was painted in 1977 and has been further damaged by the earthquake but is on track to get repainted.


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