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“Here’s a Home in the Fashionable Northwest for $150 Cash”

by Prince Of Petworth November 19, 2012 at 12:30 pm 6 Comments

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Thanks to a reader for sending this great old advertisement from 1912. My favorite part:

“Other neighborhoods may be inhabited by more expensive homes but no neighborhood in all Washington is more desirable from the standpoint of refinement.”

The reader writes:

“To add context….
2,750.00 in 1912 is about 64,500 in today’s dollars.
5,000 in 1912 is about $117,000 in today’s dollars.
Based off of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Man…. we are all 100 years too late.”

  • Overpriced! General store flip job.
    – 1912 PoP commenter

  • Anon

    And it comes with a choice of hot water OR hot air heat!!

  • Notice there is also an advert for horse auction!

    • Too many suburban horses taking up room on our streets!


  • TG

    I paid $575k for one of the homes in that area in 2004. By Pop’s math that would have been about $24k in 1912 dollars. I got totally ripped off.


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