Scuttlebutt: Old Dominion Brewery Looking to Open a Rooftop Beer Garden in Union Market?

by Prince Of Petworth October 24, 2012 at 10:22 pm 10 Comments

1219 9th Street, NW

Not sure the likelihood of this one but thought it was pretty interesting – I hear that Old Dominion Brewery could be looking to open another brew house location in the renovated Union Market at 1309 5th St, NE. And what could be even more interesting is that I heard there could be a rooftop beer garden involved. It wasn’t clear to me if would be like the one by the convention center or more like the one in Hyattsville. Purely scuttlebutt at the moment but I’ll be sure to update if this turns out to be true.

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  • Trinires

    I’m skeptical too, and live here. Someone specifically asked the Union Market guy about a rooftop garden possibility at a recent neighbors meeting. He stated they intend to have a rooftop garden, but only to be used for growing vegetables, etc for use by the vendors & not for the public or a rooftop beer garden. There will be a new restaurant taking up a lot of space, but I don’t remember who/what it is.

    Maybe the union market guy wasn’t telling the truth, or maybe plans changed rapidly after he spoke to our community. Either way I’m not the best fan of the new market and rather make the trip to Eastern Market (better selection, much better prices).

    • Anonymous

      you live in the wholesale market?

  • Anonymous

    Worst bar. Best beer tower.

    • Yeah, I think Union Market could do much better.

  • dj

    What’s the difference between the one by the convention center and the one in Hyattsville?

  • MVS

    I dunno, this is a decent bar. It lacks in character, sure, but they have a good, varied menu (and, yes, sushi) and a great beer selection. You can also always come in and get a seat, even for major sports events. Prices are reasonable. Staff are nice. We go — it’s nice. Good wings, too.

    • Anonymous

      i was told that the convention center “old dominion” isn’t actually run by the old dominion folk, but the name was licensed out.

      • The Old Dominion Brewery is also kind of a shadow brand. Since the beer is not brewed in Virginia anymore but made by Coastal in Dover, DE. So the brewpub just borrows the name of a brewery that doesn’t really have a brewery anymore – and exists independently. I’m surprised the place is still open but I guess they get enough convention goers to stay afloat.


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