• Anonymous

    Love it! Rather masculine arms, though.

  • saf

    A bit Mucha-esque.

  • anon

    Beautiful and classy.

  • How is the Bistro? I’ve passed by many times but never stopped in.

    • Anonymous

      Not good. I went there for brunch and the food was not very good. Plus portions were small and expensive. Service was bad too. The only thing they did a great job was the atmosphere. I think the place looks great, but everything else was unfortunately bad.

    • I’ve actualy really enjoyed my food, which I’ve found tasty and well-priced. I’ve eaten there several times and always had a good time.

      The service is very friendly, but not the most sophisticated. I’ve had entrees arrive about 2 minutes after appetizers, which is annoying.

  • The dude

    Awesome. Couldn’t have happened to more fantastic Czech bistro.

  • etcetera

    Looks great! Props to Jarek and the Bohem team – both the Bistro and the Kafe have been great additions to the neighborhood. I’ve enjoyed many mornings recently working at Kafe Bohem with a great cup of coffee. And the store fronts and murals look awesome!

  • Anonymous

    I love Mucha. And I love Bistro Bohem. The food is very tasty, though I think the comment about unsophisticated service is fair.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the input on Bohem, I’ve been wondering about it since having a fine time nearby at Shaw Tavern recently…funny how both places are still under the radar of locals, a group of Howard guys I walked by couldn’t tell me where it was and we were 2 blocks away.

    • B

      Maybe you asked the wrong guy!


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