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  • AR

    Wheeee! Oh happy day!

    • I’m a man, and citing their lackluster selection of anything outside of ridiculously priced purple pimp shoes, nerd skips, and penny loafers, I’m not as excited.

  • *does happy dance*

  • Anonymous

    Are the first two replies sarcastic?

    • Probably not. I’ve never liked their men’s selection, especially for dress shoes which tend to always be really crappy quality. However, they are good for picking up a decent, cheap pair of workout shoes.

      • Caroline

        Their shoes do tend to be of poor quality for the prices they charge. Even the clearance stuff is not that great of a deal.

        My issue with DSW is that they cater to the long, slender-footed crowd, at least with the women’s sizes. Often I’ll go to DSW intent on buying something because I really need new shoes and have a coupon that’s about to expire. But I’ll walk out empty-handed after trying on countless pairs, desperately hoping SOMETHING will fit. It’s awful. I wish there was another option for mid-priced shoes in the area but DSW seems to have a monopoly on the business.

        • I now buy most of my shoes online. Not worth wasting my time by browsing in brick & mortar stores. I never find what I want. And if I do find something I want, I can usually find it online for cheaper.

          • Caroline

            I buy almost everything online, unless it can be found at a local small retailer, but I haven’t gotten into shoes yet. I feel like I’d be sending a lot of stuff back because it doesn’t fit properly.

        • Anonymous

          Interesting. I have narrow feet and feel like half their shoes are available only in wide sizes.

          • Caroline

            The bigger problem I have is that shoes in general have experienced vanity sizing. I used to wear a 6 but now I have to go down to a 5.5. or 5, which are rarely stocked at DSW.

          • Anonymous

            *SHOES* have vanity sizing now? Are you kidding me?!?!! But it does explain why I wear smaller shoes now than in college. I thought I must have been wearing ill-fitting shoes back then.

          • Anonymous

            I know, but it’s true! I guess women don’t like to believe they have big feet either. I have the best luck buying small shoes at secondhand stores.

          • Vanity sizing will hit men’s shoes next. Only they’ll be going in the opposite direction.

          • I think it’s already happened for men, in the same direction. I’ve worn size 10 my entire adult life, but the last three pair of shoes I’ve bought, and that fit, are all 9.5. I’m pretty sure my feet haven’t shrunk.

        • Karen

          Hi Caroline,
          when Lord & Taylor has sales – with coupons that you can print on line…you can find a wide range of shoes…I will go to look at DSW but I often walk out empty handed

    • Mine wasn’t, at least. I love DSW! I’ve had good luck in buying shoes there and there’s a great selection.

      If there’s no DSW in the area, I get my shoes at Zappos.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s anything like visiting the Columbia Heights Target, I’ll avoid it like the plague

    • Anonymous

      +1 This store, like everything else in that complex, will turn into a s**t show almost immediately.

    • cristi

      could not agree more! Other Target stores have better stuff, but the CoHi Target is totally picked over, and it was crap to begin with. I hope DSW is different, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • MtP Gal

    Release the hounds!

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy, because I like shoes. DSW isnt special or great, but I have found a few pairs there once in a while. DC USA is a vertical strip mall. I think expecting something unique and wonderful is a waste of time. The Perfumania was the last straw.

  • dat

    I always thought DSW stood for discount shoe warehouse…

  • dsc1dc

    What happens to the corner property? I thought DSW would take that part also, not just the upper part of the property.

  • Gene

    I’ve never understood why people like this store. Don’t they realize these are last year’s poor-quality shoes that no one else wanted? You’re better off buying shoes at a department store or at Nordstrom Rack, if you need a discount.

    • Anonymous

      LAST YEAR’S shoes?!?! The horror!

    • With your nose so elevated, your sense of self so inflated, how do you not run into things?

    • Anonymous

      “if you need a discount”- really?

  • yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Mama needs some new boots.

  • Rich

    The selection varies from store to store. Wheaton is particularly weak for men’s shoes; I usually have more luck at Pentagon City. They sell popular brands, but not the most upper end or “fashion forward” lines (usually the same thing). That said, they’re a good place for shoes dressy enough for an office and the usual run of athletic shoes.If the store repels people too good to shop at an urban Target, so much the better.

    • Anonymous

      The shoes in Target (some of them, anyway) are actually better quality and better designed than most of what’s in DSW. It’s a hidden secret!

  • Zedo

    Yay another super crappy store for the 7th level of hell/DCUSA.

  • Anonymous

    Beats driving out to Virginia. I like Lara’s for a sensible selection of women’s dress shoes. Will have to see if this place is worth going twice. I am on the verge of a big shoe re-stock after wearing all my favorites into the ground beyond repair.


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