Check Out the Menu for Taan Noodle Shop Coming to Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth — October 31, 2012 at 12:00 pm 11 Comments

1817 Columbia Rd, NW

Last week we learned Taan noodle shop was coming to 1817 Columbia Rd, NW in Adams Morgan. You can now see their menu online (h/t @jsidman) from Taan:


Fried Green Tomato, Uni Hollandaise, Dashi bacon 7
Kushiyaki, Sake Cured Thigh, Meatball, Negi 7
Bao, Pork Belly, Duck Liver, Pickles, Cilantro 7
Sweet Corn Kakiage, Yuzu, Shiso 5
Tamago, Uni, Shrimp Sauce, Butter Lettuce 10
Duck Breast, Dashi Risotto, Pickles, Shallot 9
Mackerel, Daikon, Habanero, Yuzu, Shoyu 8


TAAN Triple Stock Ramen 12
Pork belly, pickled cucumbers, charred corn,
scallions, woodear, greens, hanjuku tamago

TAAN Shoyu Duck Ramen 14
Duck confit, pickled cucumbers, 24hr tomato,
scallions, greens, crispy shallots, hanjuku tamago

TAAN Vegetarian Ramen 12
Cream corn soup, 24hr tomato, charred corn,
purple potato, togarashi, basil, tonkotsu noodle

TAAN Maze-Men 15
Pork belly, duck confit, chicken confit, pickled
cucumber, charred corn, scallions, chilis,
sesame seeds, greens, egg yolk, nori

Sound good?

  • Anonymous

    nice to see another Ramen place, too bad it’s as overpriced as the other one.

  • Anonymous

    what’s 24hr tomato?

  • XO

    Sounds great! I hope their service and cocktails will be as good as Toki’s, too.

  • kken

    yah getting tired of all these overpriced ramen joints.

    • Anonymous

      Solution: eat a larger variety of food so you don’t get tired of one type of cuisine.

      • Anonymous

        operative word: overpriced

  • Anonymous

    need to figure out a way to do good take out here. not sure if ramen lends itself to that.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. What’s with the $15 dollar ramen in DC? This stuff costs like 7-9 bucks in NYC and LA

  • metmc

    this menu looks exactly like what ive seen at toki. including johnny popping in a few weeks ago. you weren’t off at all with your original post about the spot.

  • Anonymous

    to people complaining of the price, i guess you haven’t been to ippudo in nyc. as that place shows, not all ramen in nyc is 7-9… and that’s some of the best if not the best ramen in that city.

    • Anonymous

      You just answered your own question…it is some of the best ramen in the city. In the country, for that matter. That’s probably why they can get away with charging more. Once Taan equals or surpasses Ippudo in NYC, then maybe those prices will not be challenged. Even Toki doesn’t come close to Ippudo.


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