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Roc Bar Opens Tonight at 1426 L Street, NW

by Prince Of Petworth September 21, 2012 at 4:30 pm 14 Comments

1426 L St, NW

Back in June we learned that Roc Bar would be opening in the former Reserve space next to the Post Pub. The three story space will be opening up tonight.

Their website says:

Local Restaurantuer, Jason McCarther returns to the District with his new project, Roc Bar. McCarther comes with 20 plus years of experience back to Washington, D.C., with his veteran staff opening the newest nightclub lounge, featuring 3 floors of the most luxurious entertainment in the L Street corridor. McCarther can add this to his list of 6 previous accomplished venues. McCarther also gives back to the local community by hosting local charity fundraisers with a twist. Being a father of two children, he knows that being involved in the local community is important.

Each floor will have its own distinct sound playing different musical genres with 3 independent DJ’s. Electric Euro-style light will be found throughout show casing computer controlled beat detection, and the latest in nightclub LED lighting, for your pleasure. “Roc Bar” will feature the highest qualities services and amenities offering VIP areas, table and bottle service. VIP openings will be by invitation only. Exclusive parties, famous DJ’s will be spinning with an invite only list. This highly anticipated nightclub will be opening at the end of September.

  • Sarah

    I don’t think this writeup has enough superlatives.

  • Richko



    • Anonymous

      it really should be spelled that way. ; )

  • rockcreek

    “the L Street corridor”?

  • What PR agency did they use?
    Who ever it was they must also work for area realtors.

  • Iworkcrossthestreet

    This place will fail. That crap formstone was put up like two years ago and it’s already falling off. the mortar’s so far gone that if you look carefully you can see through it to the wood frame behind.

    guaranteed the food won’t be constructed any better…

  • anonnn

    this place sounds laughable and out of touch

  • I just don’t see this suceeding. You have Park, Josephines, Lotus, etc in this area which are ostensibly the same clientele demographic, and all of them have much nicer/trendier looking interiors than this formstone turd. Also, L is a one way there that gets very little foot traffic compared to the rest of downtown. But the area could use more places that are big enough for after work happy hours, so good luck.

  • Anonymous

    what is the over/under on this? i’d say 10 months is about right

  • With their current concept, I don’t think they make it past mid-January. Why open another ultra-lounge in a neighborhood full of them? Poor market research.

  • Anyone remember the old 15 Minutes? I think a place like that could make a run of it in this area.

    • Loved 15 Minutes, but I don’t know if it would work here. Didn’t Englert close it because the rents went through the roof?

  • washingtonian

    Surprised Jay-Z doesn’t have a trademark on the prefix “Roc”, considering how many businesses he owned with that prefix (Roc-a-Fella, Roc-a-Wear, his current company Roc Nation, and I probably forgot a few).

  • tree

    I think there used to be a brothel here, or next door.


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