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Colonel Brooks Tavern Closing Tonight After 32 Years in Brookland

by Prince Of Petworth — September 14, 2012 at 10:30 am 29 Comments

901 Monroe St, NE

Dear PoPville,

Did you know that Col Brooks’ Tavern is closing it’s doors after 32 years on Friday (tonight)? We were there this week and while they are running out of beers, it’s been part of the neighborhood where everyone knows your name. Soon, it will be a hole in the ground. Alas, but that’s the circle of (development) iife.

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The site is slated to become the 901 Monroe Street project:

“RETAIL: 13,000 square feet. Five retailers including a restaurant
APARTMENTS: 212 rental units
PARKING: 150 parking spaces
BIKE SPACES: 66 Bike spaces
ZIPCAR: 2 Zipcar spaces”

A buddy of mine who went to the law school at Catholic University was a big fan and I’d meet for drinks there from time to time but sadly, as a non regular, my deepest memory is the horrible triple murder that occurred in 2003. So sad.

Wishing all those who were apart of Colonel Brooks Tavern the best of luck in the future. I’ve heard whispers that they could reopen in the new space but I’ve never seen that confirmed. Any fans of Colonel Brooks Tavern?

You can find more info about the coming development here.

  • renegade09

    A sad day. A true neighborhood place with character. I will miss it.

    • +1. Another DC institution gone to make way for cookie-cutter development. Definitely not “progress.”

  • Anonymous

    This place had lots of history. Some say it was haunted (post-grizzly murders). Sad to see it go.

    • anonymous

      Remind me to carry my bear mace next time I’m in Brookland…

      • Anonymous

        not cool. some of us remember and care.

      • Anonymous

        *Grisly. Sorry it’s Friday, been a long week.

  • Anonymous

    I saw The Nighthawks there once and got to sit in with them!

  • Anonymous

    Too bad this development couldn’t happen at a nearby empty/abandoned lot instead of where a well maintained building (at least it looks nice) is located.

    • nathaniel

      This is sort of an odd comment, there aren’t any large empty lots near there. Further the reason it is happening at this location is becuase the owner wants to retire and can make good money by developing the property.

      • january jones

        You are correct, Nathaniel.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if they’ll sell some of the furniture. great stuff. sad to see it go.

  • The Post had this sad article about it. Looks like the owner just never really bounced back from the murders http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/development-will-transform-brookland-neighborhood/2012/08/29/9ad00ae6-f205-11e1-892d-bc92fee603a7_story.html

  • Anonymous

    oh no! i only went in there once, but i liked the facade of it. while i welcome the new development in that area, i didnt know that this was a casualty of that project. maybe i’ll stop and have a drink tonight. is 12th street next??!?!

  • It was a nice spot (and I also loved Island Jim’s Tiki Bar, which was part of the complex for several years), but it’s true, business never bounced back after the murders.

    I don’t necessarily think this fits the “developers take over unique local spot, and replace with cookie-cutter” theme that happens in a lot of places, mainly because after his business declined, the restaurant (and property) owner, shopped the property around to developers for several years, as he couldn’t support the restaurant on its own once the business dropped. Hopefully, the new development (which I believe plans ground floor retail) will include either a new version of Brooks, or something else like it.

  • We used to go there almost every Friday night because we could drive and park and enjoy some reliably decent food. They used to have this catfish dinner with a side of friend green tomatoes—Yum!

    I have to say, the murders were quite devastating—a horrible, horrible crime, and we did quit going as frequently afterwards. But also, the chef had left, and the food wasn’t as good.

    • *fried green tomatoes, not friend.

  • Cap Hill NE

    Sad to see it go…

  • danii

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Oh this is so sad! As a CUA alumna, I am very sad to see this place go…

  • Anonymous

    *insert pessimistic comment*

  • Eric

    It’s like losing an old friend. I will miss it too.

  • The father of one of the murder victims posted on DC Mud that he still lives in the neighborhood, and for one will be glad to see the place go.

    I loved Colonel Brooks as much as anyone, but it’s really not been the same since the killings.

  • Really sorry to see them go. It was an institution in Brookland.

  • I had heard they were closing soon to begin development but didn’t know it was Friday.

  • Anonymous

    wow for a long time that was the only thing many people knew about the neighborhood. And Island Jims. Now why will anyone go to Brookland (who doesn’t live there?) other than picking up a car at Enterprise? And where will locals go? It used to draw folks in from Brentwood, Cottage City etc.

    • Anonymous

      new places are coming.

    • Scott

      It is definitely sad to see Colonel Brooks go. But, I think you’re selling our neighborhood short … there are plenty of reasons to come to Brookland, and definitely some places for locals to go! San Antonio Bar & Grille, Menomale, Brookland Grill, B Cafe. And don’t forget the new places opening: Little Ricky’s cuban restaurant and the new restaurant filling the old Library space. So, cheer up! There’s some hope. 🙂

  • Frank X

    Enjoyed many evenings there while my son was at CUA. Good times with family and friends. Always enjoyed the music.

  • Indeed, it really is a sad day. I went to CUA in the late 70s and remember when the place first opened. It was a great addition to a neighborhood that consisted of places like Fred’s, which was a complete dump. Good food, a great atmoshphere, it will be sorely missed.

  • Pablo

    What a shame. I like the new developments, but I feel there’s no place left with a bit of character. Will these buildings bring some? I doubt, but at least they will bring people, and some news bars may pop up
    Will miss you, Colonel!


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