Aryan Nation march this Saturday at Lincoln Park, Counter-Protest Planned

by Prince Of Petworth September 18, 2012 at 11:30 am 46 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user gc-dc

Dear PoPville,

A notice/reminder that this upcoming Saturday, September 22, 2012, there is an Aryan Nation march and protest that is organizing and starting at Lincoln Park.

Needless to say, this is troubling to have in our community but apparently free speech is free speech.

The organizers have a website which, along with terms associated with racism and bigotry, has info for attendees:

The plans are to gather at RFK stadium located at 2400 E Capitol St NE, Washington, DC 20003 at 11AM Saturday September 22nd. Cars will be parked at RFK Stadium and watched over by D.C. Metro Police. Aryan Nations is providing a passenger bus escort to and from the gathering at Lincoln Park and Union Square Reflecting Pool for all who care to attend and march with us this day. Be there and stand up for our kinsmen in South Africa.

No word on counter-protests.


A counter-protest has been organized called STAY AWAKE IN FRIENDSHIP:

Calling on neighbors of all colors, creeds, kinds…
STAY AWAKE IN FRIENDSHIP, September 22, 2012

Dispel ugliness with friendship
WITHOUT IMPEDING ANYONE in exercise of rights.

Dispel outside, divisive forces
with the power of our own community!

****This project IS NOT MEANT TO IMPEDE anyone, however hateful, from exercising their legal rights to gather and march.****

“The Church of Jesus Christ Christian”/Aryan Nations — long recognized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-files/groups/aryan-nations — is “Calling on White America to a Day of Awakening.” THEIR EVENT is organized for Sep. 22, beginning at noon, with activities in Lincoln Park and a march to the Capital. STAY AWAKE IN FRIENDSHIP IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THESE HATE GROUPS.

INSTEAD, neighbors and friends of Lincoln Park CALL ON ALL
to do two things:

1) Make use of the park as usual, or make a special visit….
Lincoln Park, 11th & East Capital Streets, Washington, DC
Gather, beginning at 10 a.m.

2) Remember the children’s song: “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver. The other gold.”?
In that spirit, we ask everyone — individuals, merchants, houses of worship — across Washington, DC to WEAR OR DISPLAY GOLD AND SILVER as a sign of friendship and unity.

3) Sep. 22 is also Shabbat Shuva — a day set aside in the Jewish calendar to help prepare for the upcoming Day of Atonement. All interested in this observance are invited to pray and learn — in the park or elsewhere — with special attention to combating bigotry and hatred.

“Calling on White America to a Day of Awakening” is being organized by the “Church of Jesus Christ Christian”/Aryan Nations (http://southafricaproject.info/)

Stay Awake in Friendship IS NOT ASSOCIATED with these hate groups. Stay Awake in Friendship IS NOT ASSOCIATED with those who are trying to impede the hate group.

  • Jake

    I hate Illinois Nazis.

    • Idaho Ave

      There is another counter protest going on that was planned prior to this…it will be … slightly more radical and not quite as tame.

      • By “slightly more radical and not quite as tame.” Do you mean confrontational and violent? These are exactly the tactics these idiots want – designed to give them publicity and encourage new recruits.

  • Good for the counter-protesters.

    • No, i’d rather we all just ignore them and pretend they aren’t even there. the more we watch/take photos/etc, the more we encourage their behavior.

  • My how far we’ve come… *sigh*

    • Anonymous

      but we have. sadly though, even as we evolve, some aryan simians get left behind and have to grunt their way through life.

  • The best course of action is to just ignore these a-holes. By counter-protesting, they just get the attention they want. I doubt more than 100 or so Aryan Nation members will show up anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly- don’t feed the trolls, etc.

    • And then they remove their uniforms, put on ties and go back to their jobs, to reinforce their beliefs from under a veil, secretly influencing the political and business world to propagate an agenda of exclusion and beliefs of superiority… I don’t think ignoring this is the answer… And I don’t think that killing affirmative action is either with people like this still pushing separatist agendas in the year 2012.

      • Anonymous

        Ok, but how does a counter-protest address this, besides giving both sides a bit of self-satisfaction?

        • Anonymous

          Agreed, and to take it a step further: Aren’t counter-protests just playing into their hand?

          A protest with a few dozen idiots outnumbered by the police assigned to protect them looks pretty lame. On the other hand, a counter-protest makes the whole scene look bigger and more important than it really is.

          Let the cockroaches march by themselves. A good light will scatter them faster than any counter-protest.

      • Anonynony

        Really? I’ve gotten the impression that the Aryan Nation are among those with business or political influence.

        • Anonynony

          Should read “never gotten the impression” . . .

          • We have to never forget how bad things can get… These groups lie fairly dormant normally with a radical goal of subversion for everyone else… They have no interest in coexistance, and they rely heavily on freedom of speech and anonymity to push their agenda into the public light.

            They do relatively “harmless” things like spreading negative videos online to make people angry/split with other races and make comments anonymously on forums spreading hate and anger that reinforces stereotypes that we all carry inside of us, and then the moment there is a political or economic breakdown, they act like they’re one of us and they band together under more friendly monikers like “The Tea Party” to insert their influence. Before you know it, they’re pushing candidates into high offices in government, and influencing laws and working as law enforcement. This is how it happens, always be aware… If history teaches us one thing, we’re never far away from dark ages.

            Sorry for the doom & gloom, but it’s raining outside.

          • And you’d be correct. The Aryan Nations and their associated groups have always vaslty overstated their size and influence in order to appear more menacing. Hell, Morris Dees bankrupted their largest and most prominent sect with a paltry $6.3 million settlement, and ended up with their entire compound and trademarks.

            I’d be shocked if more than a couple dozen nazis show up. Their little secret is that their membership ranks are comically small, and that they get far more media than their influence deserves.

            That being said, I’ll probably head out to Lincoln Park on Saturday, because the carnival doesn’t come to town very often.

        • Jail

          Only in prison

      • What will a counter-protest achieve? Will Aryan Nation members change their minds? And where did you get the idea that these are powerful white-collar executives that wear swastika tattoos on the weekend (tends to be bad for the corporate image). I don’t see a Road to Damascus here, just useless noise from bigots and well-meaning but ineffective countermeasures.

        • I didn’t say anything about counter-protest… I wrote about awareness to the issues at hand. I actually think local (street level) protests do very little compared to creating public awareness. If you think all of the people involved are “harmless hourly workers” marching on DC, then you need more help than I can offer… They once overran Germany and contributed to a massive world war, stuff like that doesn’t happen from a grass-roots uprising. Taking it lightly at any context is fairly ignorant and highly apathetic.

          • I think an impartial observer might, after reading your posts, suggest you seek help, instead. You’re giving these idiots way too much credit. And please, rethink the facile comparisons to Nazi Germany. You’re using an oversimplified version of history to make a rather histrionic argument. We can all agree that the Aryan Nation & groups like them are jackasses, but you’re overstating their power.

        • I suggest you go and put on black face and then try to walk past them while telling them they’re “powerless”. I’m willing to bet you’d have a really fun time. Difference between you and me is that I wouldn’t have to put on the makeup, and it’s pretty damn obvious based on the way you write.

          • Are you saying people can write “white” or “black?” I think this discussion might have tipped over into farce.

          • Nope, I’m saying you’re being apathetic about this kind of stuff and not worried about it because you probably don’t fit into the category of who these groups are against… That doesn’t trivialize the issue for people who it does affect… It pulls a lot of heart strings based on who you are. It rings deep for people who are the intended targets of this kind of hate and understanding people that care shouldn’t take it lightly out of respect for history.

      • Perhaps the solution then is to get good, clear photos of the ones without hoods, then post those photos a site where people can identify and search out such individuals. Why should hate and violence be anonymous?

        • That would be great, the only thing is you’d get a lot of threats for identifying those people… Because of apathy, these days a lot of people can get away with their affiliations being known too, because the public deems these hate mongers as harmless on a regular basis.

          • Well, you could set up and host the site anonymously, then use sites like Facebook to validate identities. Hate groups use the Internet to anonymously spew their hate, but that works both ways…

          • NameAndShame.Com! haha!

  • On a lighter side… my cousin and some friends decided to have a picnic a few years back not realizing the neo nazis were rallying in the same location. He has some hilarious pics of the picnic goers having a grand old drunken time while a very small group of neo nazis marched around or whatever it is they do in the background with no audience.

  • caballero

    DO NOT counter-protest! That only helps the visibility of the clowns you are protesting. The best thing to do is to ignore them. This is common sense and common knowledge.

    • copperreddc

      You know this from your many years of protests in the 30s right? It was such a great idea to ignore that while you sat in your beer hall and got plastered.

  • Anonymous

    I think a counterprotest gets these guys on the news. No counterprotest = a few losers protesting in D.C. = not on the news.

    Everybody, just go get brunch.

    • +1. Just stay away from Das Biergartenhaus. You never know when these buffoons might decide to “putsch.”

  • Really

    Man there are gonna be so many fat people

    • Anonymous

      Then maybe after all that marching tires them out, the fat Aryans and the fat protestors can talk it out together over a hamburger.

  • Meg

    I’m not sure which side is more stupid.

    • jcm

      Really? I’m pretty sure it’s the nazis.

      • Anonymous

        yeah, no doubt in my mind.

        • Meg

          Upon further consideration, the neo nazis have the edge on stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    “Are these the Nazis, Walter?”
    “No Donnie, these men are Nihlists. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

  • Anonymous

    “Be there and stand up for our kinsmen in South Africa.” So English isn’t my first language, but as far as I know Blacks were the once who were and maybe still are discriminated against in South Africa, not Whites. Has that changed in the last 20 years since the end of apartheid?

  • Anonymous

    pathetic tribalism.

  • late comer

    I avoid posts like this on the employer’s network so I’m weighing in comparatively late. Here’s the deal: I don’t agree with the argument that we should say nothing and avoid the counter protest. Why in the world would we do that? An opportunity to stand up against American biggots who have polluted our social and political framework for so long…well, I feel it’s my obligation to show up and protest against that. I want them to see someone as pale-faced as they are but who is also proudly and rabidly opposed to what they believe. There is no such thing as ‘white unity, white power’ and I’m eager to demonstrate that. It’s also important to me that my fellow District residents who are not white understand that as pasty white as I am, I am heart and sould on their side and share in their revulsion with abundance. The argument to say nothing is wasted on me. Engage in the dialogue and sound off!

  • ronniewilson

    As someone who finds the murder of children, white, black, latino, asian, whatever due to their race a sick and vile thing, I can’t imagine anyone that would counter protest this. Not a single mention on the focus this march holds – to raise awareness of the racially motivated murders of white children in South Africa. If you have no sympathy for that, you are what’s wrong with the human race.

    • pahbs

      Can’t imagine?
      Failure of “imagination”.

  • [email protected]

    I know it’s a small gesture, but I borrowed the neighbor’s chalk and wrote largely on the pavement at Lincoln Park, “Cowards Bahave when they’re outnumbered”. Thought it might tweak the dumbasses. Anyway, it did make me feel a little better.

    Pacifism can work but that assumes a moral structure on the oposing side. It’s not there.


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