Sat. Morning Duct Fire at Sweet Mango Cafe

by Prince Of Petworth August 4, 2012 at 10:23 am 25 Comments

@IAFF36 tweets:

“Update/final: 3700 blk Georgia Ave NW. Had fire in the duct work. Fire is out. All searches negative.”

Reader TML took these amazing photos and writes:

“The engines arrived around 8:30 this morning. No one was injured, and the fire was under control very quickly. We have lived across the street from the Sweet Mango now at the Park Place apartments, for two years…and this is the third time we’ve seen Sweet Mango on fire. Kinda leaves one speechless…”

In Dec. 2010 a fire closed Sweet Mango for nearly three months. Thanks to all who sent word about today’s fire.

  • Paul

    Is there a world record for the most times a place has caught on fire?

  • Keith

    That is a lot of fire over such a short period. One has to ponder if the system is capable of handling the exhaust or what ever this is that the duct work is designed to remove.
    Concerning to the safety employees, patrons, and our firefighters that keep having to respond to these fires at this one location.

  • Anonymous

    They should re-name it to “Smoked Mangos”.

  • Apparently part of their cleaning process involves hosing down gallons of chicken grease onto an open drain on RCC Rd.

    Perhaps their tradition of placing large campaign banners on their prominent exhaust-façade is a strategy to keep themselves free from basic safety and sanitation inspections.

  • Anonymous

    They need a big vertical smoke stack, all that smoke going horizontal at street level enables grease to build up. Surprised DCRA let them get away with that…

  • Anonymous

    Darrow did it.

  • fromthehood

    Maybe…just maybe if Sweet Mango obtains proper permits, and they stop getting street people/unskilled labor to build and rebuild, and get the appropriate approval from the fire dept and DCRA… the fires might be avoided. Sweet Mango has had 4-5 fires since 2000. I am suspicious and I have no sympathy for the bootleg operation.

    • caballero

      The owner has a house in Petworth. It has been draped in Tyvek for at least three years, because the city put a halt to its construction. Apparently, he tried to build without getting the proper permits, and the house has been in limbo since. It is a tremendous eyesore.

      • Anonymous

        Sweet Mango’s used to look like this:


        All the other stuff on there is probably done sans permits. I’m not one to criticize good business, but they’ve been running out of everything and the service has always been way too slow for customer satisfaction. They make good food, but the professionalism is horrible. They need to shape up and clean that place up or they’ll get forced out by lawmakers soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    this is sketchy. three fires in such a short time. Clearly they either don’t have the proper permits or are using totally clueless contractors. Going to contact ANC about following up with DCRA. this is putting the whole block in danger. Might be time for a stop work order so they can figure out what they heck they are doing.

  • K

    I was walking by and called 911 just after 8:30 because the alarm was going off and smoke was already pouring out. The trucks didn’t arrive until I was about halfway down Sherman between metro and Park. I mean, I don’t know how alarms work, if the fire department is actually notified by them or something, but it seems like it takes a while for the smoke to start coming out. I would guess on a Saturday morning it doesn’t take firetrucks *that* long to arrive. Is it suspicious? Did the fire start and they didn’t call? Weird.

  • Anonymous

    Burn the grease! Burn the grease! Watcha gonna do, gotta burn the grease!

  • Joe E.

    Saying ‘Sweet Mango had a fire’ is like saying ‘Gangstalicious has been shot’, everyone just says ‘Again?’

    • The NeighborHood Reporter

      Now That was Funny !!!!

    • PeachyKeen

      x__x DEAD!

  • DANnCH

    I’d love the Tea Party folks to chime in with the mantra that there’s no need for government regulation!

  • Anonymous

    The Tea Party was warned to avoid the green line the last time they were here. Now we know why.

    • Anonymous

      We have government regulation. And yet this fire happened. What was your point again?

      • Anonymous

        Obviously it’s not being enforced!

  • PeachyKeen

    I guess they needed a new kitchen….yup I said it!

  • RozCat

    heh…love the Chuck Brown mural, staying cool under fire.

  • Third fire in two years you say?

    Sounds like a job for insurance investigator Johnny Dollar, the man with the action-packed expense account!

    • yunkstahn

      I’d like to spend each Sunday with you.

  • How fitting that SMC’s last Twitter post was “Hot! That is all.” just the day before the fire. Hahahaha


  • Petworth resident

    There is no way they will be able to afford insurance with the loss ratio they now have from all of these “accidents”. I hate to accuse insurance fraud but at the very least this establishment is now a danger to the neighborhood. It would be nice to see the infamous neighborhood committees that have halted worthy institutions switch gears and go after places like Sweet Mango.


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