• Please tell me that ghastly rectangular structure on the back is temporary. This is how obnoxious historic districts get born, as well they should.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      I don’t think they wrap temporary structures in Tyvek. Unless by temporary, you mean the next 50+ years.

      • I’m sure you’re right; I just wish it were otherwise.

    • anon

      Better than demolition by neglect (which is ABSOLUTELY where this house was headed). At least they are keeping most of the historic character, the addition isn’t as obnoxious from the street as this photo makes it look, and given the care they seem to be taking with the rest I have hopes that it will blend pretty well with the existing structure.

      I love the idea of this round house in theory, but absolutely wouldn’t have wanted to live there in it’s original state. Hooray for adaptive re-use.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many condos are going to be squeezed in there.

  • Anonymous

    whatever, i can’t wait to see how this turns out

  • I live down the street

    It’s not ghastly if you see it in person. It’s a modest addition to the back of the house that will make it livable, i.e. give it a usable kitchen. This thing is so small, round, with no basement, and just a tiny spiral staircase in the middle of the house, that it was unlivable. That and the fact it sat empty for a decade so the porch was visibly rotting–I can only guess what else was wrong with it–means this is a good thing. DC is more likely to have a vote in Congress than Brookland become a historic district.

    • Your last comment made me laugh!

  • Chris

    I heard the house was only 700 sq ft before adding the addition.

  • Anonymous

    restored, I feel this house will be siimply beautiful….even w/o the additon. I live in less than 700sqft and it is more than enough.

  • The developer’s budget for the restoration is nearly $800K, and it is expected to list for nearly $1M.

    • At that price, it would be one of the, if not the most expensive house in Brookland ever sold.

    • Anonymous

      Where are you getting this information? I’ve heard nothing like that about the house…

      I find it interesting that people can post whatever they want on blogs, the general public reads it, and then many times it is taken as the truth. I would highly recommend looking in to the facts before you mention costs on a project like this.

  • Rick

    a link to an article about the restoration:

  • Anonymous

    I loved walking by this house when i was a kid. Its kinda sad to see the original structure go. R.I.P. round house.


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