District Underground Closes in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth August 28, 2012 at 11:30 am 14 Comments

2477 18th St, NW

District Underground (formerly Saki) has closed at 2477 18th St, NW. Their Website said:

Located in the heart of Adams Morgan in Washington DC, the District Underground provides a unique American dining experience boasting fresh and exciting brioche burgers and classic comfort foods with a modern twist. We offer six flat screen televisions lining the walls, a wall-to-wall projection screen, and a 30 foot-long bar making this the perfect place to enjoy your favorite game. Look forward to great daily game-day specials and more to come.

They first opened in Aug. 2011. Where there any fans?

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    Check out that VIP section rope, very exclusive place.

  • Anonymous

    Bring back Saki. It was not high-brow sushi by any means, but the quality was solid and their happy hour $1 sushi special was a great deal.

  • Ouch, looks like a painful closing… I guess it’s true what they say about the restaurant biz.

  • Does this mean the dance club upstairs is also closed? I thought they were the same owners.

  • zrc

    I never quite understood the dichotomy between the downstairs District and the upstairs District, but I pretty much despised what they were about. A velvet rope out front, with a line of dudes in their douchiest finerwear and ladies in their trashiest mini-dresses? Hosting the auditions for Bad Girl’s Club TV show? Not my idea of a quality neighborhood establishment.

    However, I once had friends in town who wanted to go dancing. We knew some people who worked at District, so we figured it would at least be funny, and showed up at 1:45am to close out the night. “$20 cover,” the doorman told us. We just laughed and went home.

    • Tim

      +1 similar thing happened to me. Was going to meet friends there for a bday and we were on a “guest list” for a supposedly reduced price. I got there (admittedly late in the evening) and still had to pay $20 cover, followed by the bouncer saying that I needed to dress better to get in next time. Inside the club wasn’t much better. The douche factor was off the charts here.

      • Anonymous

        it is common practice at nightclubs to close the guest list early.

    • Anonymous

      except for the fact that mostly college kids hang out in adams morgan, so the short dresses and “too fly” dudes are to be expected. if you’re looking for no cover and dancing, good luck finding it in adams morgan. maybe your choice wasn’t so funny

      • zrc

        I’ve lived in Adams Morgan for over a decade. Places like District are an anomaly of what places in Adams Morgan are like, and they try to be a classier club than they really are, or what their clientele supports. If it weren’t for Paul Tennesee running their security (the man is a gentleman and a scholar), the place would be a much bigger blight on the neighborhood. And as for no cover and dancing, there are tons of places, and certainly many for less than $20 (chief Ike’s, the reef, anywhere with a decent jukebox).

  • Brian

    I went there for halloween last year because my buddy wanted to go someplace to dance. I thought it was pretty crap. The only reason I don’t remember more is because I had to be hammered in order to possibly fathom what a douche I must have looked like just being in there.

  • Lol, that gnarly velvet rope was supposed to lend that place an air of exclusivity? Hah, I would walk past this place almost weekly and always figured it was some sort of way to mark off an outdoor drinking area. The idea of a beautiful people dance club on 18th Street is laughable.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. Typical ugly hipster commentary…. Ugly, self-righteous hipsters don’t belong in clubs

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      crem de la cliche!


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