Washington, DC

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Dear PoPville,

On Monday evening, my friend was going for a run and apparently startled a pitbull as he turned a corner at Harvard and Georgia. The pitbull attacked, and the owner left the scene. My friend spent a few hours at the hospital, thankfully only with an insane amount of stitches, and the police eventually caught up with the owner, but right now, the dog is just in quarantine in the owner’s home.

Apparently, this dog has bit 4 other people, and my friend is really lucky he didn’t need surgery. We’ve called animal control and the Department of Health, but just wanted to know if anyone who has experienced anything like this might have some advice for how we can make sure this is handled properly. We don’t want the dog to have to be euthanized, but it really needs to at least have a muzzle, and the owner should be liable for something.


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