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Community Acupuncture comes to Dupont Circle

by Prince Of Petworth — August 23, 2012 at 1:30 pm 11 Comments

1221 Connecticut Ave, NW

City Acupuncture Circle has opened up in Dupont Circle at 1221 Connecticut Ave, NW. Their Website says:

“Pay what you can, between $20 to $50 per treatment plus a one-time $15 first session paperwork fee. We are a proud member of POCA, an international movement devoted to making acupuncture accessible to all- now serving the Washington DC community.”

More details here.

Any fans of acupuncture? If so, what do you use it for?

  • sue

    I’ve been going here for two weeks and I love it! Joselo is really nice and the acupuncture has been very relaxing and helped with back pain, digestive issues and stress.

  • LisaT

    Finally! Friends in other cities have raved about community acupuncture–glad we’re catching up!

  • wreckfish

    I’m going to little bird acupuncture tomorrow – another community acupuncture practice near 16th + Columbia. They’re not taking any new patients so it’s great to see another one open. The deal with community acupuncture is that, instead of being in a room alone, you’re with others in large room. Everyone’s in a comfy chair sleeping or zoning out on their ipods. It’s cheaper for the patient and more profitable for the practitioner.

    I’ve used acupuncture successfully for various ailments – bruised tailbone, digestive stuff, back pain, stress, healing after knee surgery and others. Works great for me.

    Acupuncture is about you healing yourself, as opposed to a pill or a procedure healing you. Certainly the placebo effect is big with acupuncture, but who cares? Great article on that in a recent New Yorker.

  • there’s also Little Bird Community Acupuncture in Adams Morgan. They are fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    My friend does acupuncture for lower back and foot pain, and he swears by it. His job entails him being on his feet for extended amounts of time.

  • YAY! am so excited. Since Little Bird wasn’t taking new clients, I didn’t know where else to go!

  • I used to get acupuncture in my teens for dealing with depression and anxiety. I found it very helpful! not painless, though; the needles themselves don’t hurt, but when they wiggle them around in your trigger points, you get a really unpleasant sensation….almost like something’s jarring your nerves. The feeling afterwards is marvelous, though.

  • Anonymous

    I once tried acupuncture to cure my fear of needles, but for some reason it didn’t work.

  • I’ve been going here for 2 weeks. Fantastic place. City Acupuncture has tables, whereas the AdMo place just has chairs – from what I’ve heard this makes a big difference. JoseLo is great! Get in while you can.

  • Ben

    Question for the acupuncture fans: have any of you used it for generalized/social anxiety disorder? How did it improve your anxiety? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    check out OurSpace Acupuncture in Silver Spring for another great community acupuncture option! (www.ourspaceacupuncture.org)


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