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Urban Essentials Moving from U Street to Logan Circle in September

by Prince Of Petworth — July 23, 2012 at 11:11 pm 9 Comments

1330 U Street, NW

Just got word from Urban Essentials that in September they’ll be moving from 1330 U St, NW, where they’ve been located for 12 years, to 1401 14th Street, NW in the former Reincarnations Furnishings space (14th and Rhode Island Ave, NW.) The president of Urban Essentials, David Schaefer, writes:

“I am very excited to be expanding to a space that will allow us twice as much showroom floor as we currently have and still be in the neighborhood.”

1401 14th Street, NW

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to miss Reincarnations. Any news on whether they might reopen elsewhere?

    • I talked with the owner before Reincarnations closed, and my impression was that he was retiring, not that their lease was lost. He mentioned moving to Florida.

      Excited about Urban Essentials–that will be a nice replacement to fill the space!

      • Anonymous

        Did people actually shop at reincarnations? Their stuff always looked tacky and I usually heard people making fun of it as I walked by. I wasn’t surprised when they out of business.

        • Anonymous

          It has been a very popular furniture destination for years. One of the few places in DC where you could find unique pieces that didn’t fit the typical Room and Board mold. And yes, everything may have looked tacky all thrown together, but one or two pieces in a room could really make it pop.

          Between the loss of Reincarnations, Go Mama Go and Ruff and Ready, I am starting to lament for the old 14th St.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Reincarnations closed because their lease was terminated. I had heard that the whole block was going to be redone, now the Ethiopian Restaraunt on the end is moving in to the old Playbill space? A new furniture store lease? What gives? When I spoke to the guys that ran Reincarnations it seemed like a surpise to them when they were told their lease wasn’t being renewed.

    • Anonymous

      don’t always listen to tenants. they are hardly “in the know” and often rely on the same rumors that you read online. They frequently blame the landlord when they don’t want to publicly admit that they have their own problems. The landlord is an invisible target that’s easy to blame…though I am not saying they are always innocent.

  • KenyonDweller

    I love Urban Essentials and am happy to see them moving to larger space closer to the heart of what has become the local furniture district. They were the first furniture store in the area, but so many stores have opened south of them that they are no longer well situated.

  • I like the Kenyon Dweller am very glad to see Urban Essentials moving to a new, bigger location. I remember when they opened, and many were saying at that time that furniture sales was not a viable business at 14th and U ST. Kudos to them for sticking with it. With all of the small stores closing recently, I hope that they can make it work! They have great merchandise. I’m sorry to see Reincarnations go, but at least a local took over, and not a big box!


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