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  • Sir Douchy

    Starbucks is an interesting example of a small neighborhood store that began on Western Ave in Seattle. Everyone was happy for it to succeed….at first. Now, not so much. At what point do people go from wanting a local store to succeed to then being critical of the expansion of the once local store? If Politics & Prose became a nationwide chain would we hate it? If McDonalds only had one location and it was here in DC would we love it?

    • Anonymous

      Here’s why I don’t like Starbucks – only 2 reasons.

      1. The guerilla tactics to run small independent coffee shops/mom-pop stores out of business in order to set up shop in said location. Not cool.

      2. The product (coffee) is not to my liking at all.

      • Anonymous

        I see your first point, but if you believe in capitalism you shouldn’t have a problem with this. Their job is to make as much profit within the bounds of the law as possible. If you have other political views, then this makes sense. I’m sure Starbucks was up against big companies that did crappy things when they were starting out.

        And just to clarify, I’m not in favor of rampant capitalism.

        As for your second point, you’ve clearly never had a valencia orange mocha frapuccino with extra whipped cream.

        • Anonymous

          My first point has nothing to do with being a capitalist or not. It’s a tactic that is cheap and unnecessary. If they are that great, they could open up a stand on the side of the road and still beat the mom-and-pops/small indie places. Now how’s that for free-market capitalists.

          My second point is that I don’t like their coffee; it is not good (and yes I’m a coffee snob). I don’t like bitter over-roasted coffee, so I’m very particular. I’ve also tried some of their fluffy drinks where coffee isn’t the star or other add-ons mask the coffee issues. They are cold, which is nice when it’s hot out. But honestly I’d rather spend my money on other things. I sure don’t need to walk around with Starbucks cups to prove my status (or lack thereof), thank you very much.

          • I feel the same way about Sbux coffee when it’s made in the store. It’s undrinkable. But when I make it at home in my Mr. Coffee, it’s actually quite good.

      • Anon20009

        I give Starbuck points for high quality ingredients and for absolute consistency of product in all their stores no matter where in the world. However, if one doesn’t like the product (the roast, the blend, etc) then of course one won’t like Starbucks, and no reason to.

        As for Starbuck’s corporate practices, I would be interested to see some real investigation comparing the number of coffee shops that Starbucks has caused to close (which I don’t dispute) versus how many it has caused to open. I know in DC at any rate, there was no coffee-house culture before Starbucks arrived. I am certain that many of the non-Starbucks places, either independents or small local chain were in part begun in opposition to ‘corporate coffee’; would this have happened without Starbucks?

        Beyond that, at the very least, all coffee houses have taken advantage of Starbuck’s creating a broad-based demand for coffee of higher quality and greater variety than was available in sandwich shops, McDonald’s, and 7-11. Could that have happened without Starbucks?

        Even in Seattle, the very center of the empire, independent coffee places are numerous, or were when I left there several years ago.

    • John

      Meh, I’m very happy for SBUX but I also like patronizing the various independent places in DC (Cafe Collage is a particular favorite).

      I’ve spent a lot of time camping out in various coffee shops over the past couple of years studying for the GMAT and CFA exams, and SBUX is always very high quality in terms of environment, food, and coffee. They wouldn’t be this successful if they didn’t consistently put out a great product/experience. If any given SBUX location was an independent store it would easily be among the best coffee shops in nearby.

  • Will there be able space for wi-fi leeching hobos upstairs?

    • Hmmm…coffee shop provides free wi-fi service. People come and use it. They’re “leeches”?

  • At least they’ll serve me an espresso over ice.

    • Anonymous


      At first everyone lamented Starbucks making coffee into a luxury foodstuff, now they are trying to outdo them to the nth degree with useless amounts of snobbery.

  • Anonymous

    Will it be open 24 hours a day?


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