Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Truxton Circle/Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth July 27, 2012 at 3:00 pm 9 Comments

This rental is located at 435 Q Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“WALK TO WORK IN DOWNTOWN DC. Fully renovated two story colonial home with two master bedrooms. Two fireplaces; one in master bedroom, skylight in master bedroom,full bath and walk-in closet. Fireplace in living room, open floor plan. Formal dining room w/eat-in kitchen & stainless steel appliances. Hardwood floors throughout. Patio & roll up garage w/space for 2 cars.”

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $2,400/Mo.

  • LeDroit

    I used to leave on this street. There is a MAJOR nuisance property across the street from this house. There’s a group of dudes in their teens and 20s who hang out all day and night drinking, loudly composing poorly-written rap on their outdoor stereo system, and heckling (or taunting and threatening if you’re gay) passer-by. Not sure if they ever actually attack anyone, but they are loud and annoying and it’s a major bummer to be heckled every.single.time you walk home.

    • Anonymous

      Jeez, those neighbors sound really awful. Sorry you experienced that. What a bunch of punks. But what goes around comes around – they will get theirs soon. Sounds like they are already pretty miserable to have nothing better to do than make other people feel like s**t. Losers.

    • anon

      yeah that’s a pretty shady block.

    • The cops have been paying more attention to these guys and they haven’t been quite as bad lately (though they’re not good, and the house and one next door look like crap). The cops are also paying more attention to the corner store, where these guys seem to get all of their sustenance. That being said, I looked at houses on this block and am often pleased that I ended up around the corner.

  • West of New Jersey Avenue is not Truxton/Bates/Dunbar Shaw/whatever you want to call it. It’s just Shaw over there.

  • aa

    That’s located in Shaw; Truxton Circle starts on the east side of New Jersey Ave.

    And yes, there are some notoriously bad neighbors on that block. Some of the houses are architecturally beautiful with some nicely kept yards but this is one block where the moron quotient kills most all of the block’s potential.

  • Anonymous

    I also used to live on this block– recently moved after 2 years. I am familiar with the house/group of folks LeDroit and katemc refer to. They can seem kinda sketchy, and they certainly could stand to clean up their yard a bit, but they’re otherwise pretty harmless. I would walk by them to/from at various points of the day, including night time, and they were always very pleasant and/or indifferent. Most of the times when i passed by they would be (humorously) arguing about sports or movies. They do stick out on the block a bit because they will often be the only folks outside, regardless of weather, and they can get a little loud amongst each other, but they’re of no threat to neighbors. One time by accident I even knocked down a toddler with them with some luggage I was hauling and the kid started crying… I was worried about the kid and rattled a bit, and thought they were going to freak out but they were cool, made sure the kids was ok and kept it moving with me.

    Farther down Q St a block or so toward North Cap (around 2nd) has had several gun incidents over the past several months, but that stuff doesnt spill over to the 400 block.

    I loved living on this block; the neighborhood is convenient to a ton of fun things to do, short/easy walks to bars/restaurants on Florida (Shaw Taven, Bistro Bohem), Rhode Island (Rustik, Boundry Stone), Logan Circle, U St, City Vista/Chinatown and even Dupont. Short (5-7 mins) walk to Shaw Metro, convenient to the 90 series, 70, G2 and G8, buses that can take you just about anywhere.

    The house from the limited pictures I saw seemed to be nice enough, and priced fairly. I wouldnt call it a steal, but it seems ideal for a couple interested in spreading out a bit, rather than roommates, but the 2.5 bathrooms would make it a good situation for that type of setup as well.

  • Sully

    I know who you are referring to and these guys are fine. I have lived a block down from these guys for 6 years and have never have had a problem with them. Personally I think they, Bandit and Bandit’s owner (blind guy) give the block a good vibe, reefer, rap and all.

  • SP

    I lived a block from there until very recently, and to my mind that is just ludicrously overpriced. It’s not that close to anything, and the immediate area is just unpleasant. I got sexually harassed every time I left the house, and my roommate was mugged at gunpoint. But at least our rent was cheap — a fraction of what they’re asking for this place!


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