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Owners of The Pug, Solly’s and Sova bringing a New Neighborhood Bar, Grill and Coffee Lounge to Brookland

by Prince Of Petworth June 22, 2012 at 10:30 am 24 Comments

3514 12th Street, NE

Huge news for Brookland residents – the owners of three rock solid spots on U St and H St are combining forces to open a new bar, grill and coffee lounge in Brookland. This could be the biggest thing to hit Brookland since the Pope visited The Basilica. The owners of The Pug, 1234 H St, NE – Tony T; Solly’s, 11th and U St, NW – John Solomon; and Sova – 1359 H St, NE – Frank Hankins are coming to the former Library space at 3514 12th St, NE near the Brookland metro:

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I spoke with Pug owner and Brookland resident Tony T who explains their vision for the space:

We are putting together a family friendly, neighborhood bar and grill. The coffee element that Frank brings is also an integral part of what we are doing.

I live just a few blocks away, so I’m looking to make a place where I can take the kids to dinner as well as a place the softball team can come for a few pitchers after a game. the neighborhood bar feel is very important, but with the chef we’re bringing on board, the menu is going to be much broader than hot dogs and 13th street meats off of the Pug’s grill. Although both may be included to keep the kids happy.

The long and short of it is, we want a place to eat and drink that caters to the families and folks who have been in Brookland for years, as well as a place for the newer folks.

Coffee in the morning and beer at night – sweet!

They are still finalizing their liquor license transfer and some other logistics so realistically standby for an Autumn opening. More details on the menu (and the name of the place!) as they get closer to opening.

  • Sweet! I’ve been waiting for this for years and wondering why it’s taken so long to happen!

  • Alex

    People like Tony and Solly keep my faith in this city alive. Thank you for all you guys have provided, namely unpretentious, inexpensive hideaways for those of us who either can’t afford overpriced drinks every time we go out, or don’t want to overpay on principal.

  • Reader

    This is amazing. I can’t wait.

  • Yes! Best news. We really need a place like this in Brookland.

  • Fantastic news. Kitty O’Shea’s/Johnny K’s/The Library is a great space with a large bar (and at least used to have pool tables). It’s languished the last few years will inconsistent hours open and the stabbing. Its great to hear something great is coming there. They may have challenges with the current ANC, however it will shift to new a SMD in January.

    Parking is the only negative that i think of , as one of the folks nearby who will likely be affected by late night folks. Its a fixable solution though.

    Great Brookland News

    • Ward One Resident

      You don’t need ANC approval to transfer an existing liquor license so until their license comes up for renewal they won’t have to deal with the ANC or other community groups.

      • What about the stabbing at the library a few months back? It was my understanding the license was suspended. How does that affect the transfer?

  • Awesome! But please put some better windows in that place. I’d like to be able to see in (and out)!

  • Seriously

    “those of us who either can’t afford overpriced drinks every time we go out, or don’t want to overpay on principal.”

    Every time POP posts about a restaurant or bar, people begin harping on how they expect “neighborhood” prices instead of “downtown” prices, or complain about how expensive drinks are.

    QOTD: Is everyone on POP a poor these days?

    • Anonymous

      It may not be that everyone is “a poor” on POTD but instead that they don’t want to overpay for crappy, unappetizing things. This is actually called being “a smart”.

      • 15th ST. NW Resident

        EXACTLY. Well said.

        • Anonymous

          On the other hand. Don’t wantto be left with crappy options because folks aren’t willing to pay for quality. I think we can all agree that having the owners of such established and well liked places opening a place in our neighborhood is exciting!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds great, but every college town in the country has had at least one bar called The Library.

    • 15th St. NW

      That’s the former occupant’s name, not the new one.

  • Oh man this has me ridiculously excited! I live down the block and I know this will fill a much-need niche for 12th street/Brookland. Also will help fill the void being left by Colonel Brooks’ impending closing. Great scoop and interview on this one!

  • Tyrus

    First Menomale and now this, Brookland is finally starting to be the neighborhood I knew it could be. W00T!

  • Helen Lovejoy

    “… a place where I can take the kids to dinner … to keep the kids happy. ”
    Oh no – Have we learned nothing? Won’t kids be corrupted by the very presence of a bar in the neighborhood? If we must have a bar, let there be no windows adn no doors!
    Won’t someone please think of the children?!?

  • Anonymous

    Tony is a great guy with a great family! Thank you for bringing new life to the 12th Street corridor!

  • real southerner

    random question: where is the actual library in brookland located, as in, where you can borrow books?

    • Anon202

      From what I can see on the website (dclibrary[dot]org) it looks like it’s the Woodridge Library at 1801 Hamlin St NE.

  • Scott

    Great news! Please, please add at least one decent TV so To watch the Nats,Wiz, and Caps play. Been waiting for a neighborhood spot like this for years

  • Welcome to the hood. I look forward to having another option for getting a beer. Please stock a good selection of craft beer like Meridian Pint. There are those of us here that are starving for a good beer.


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