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Hitching Post Sold in Petworth – Last Day July 31st, Will Re-Open Aug. 7th

by Prince Of Petworth June 26, 2012 at 10:30 am 30 Comments

200 Upshur St, NW

Back in Oct. 2010 we first learned that the Hitching Post, located at 200 Upshur St, NW (across the street from the Old Soldiers Home) at the corner of Rock Creek Church Rd, and Upshur, was for sale. Well – I’ve got good news and bad news: The Hitching Post has sold. The Hitching Post has been bought by the owner of Fusion located at 4815 Georgia Ave, NW.

The Hitching Post has been owned by one of the nicest families you’ll ever meet – the Carters. Danny Harris wrote a great profile on Mr. Carter back in Sept. 2009.

At that time Mr. Carter said:

“I think that our music box has also been a big addition to our popularity. We carry a mixture of music, much of it dating back to the 1940s. I still enjoy listening to Big Band, it has always been a part of my repertoire. We have some of our favorite artists such as Nat King Cole, Jo Stafford, and Chet Baker. A lot of the music is quiet music, nothing that is going to blow you out of here. We do have a little music that would be attractive to the younger generation, but most of our music is for a subtle dining atmosphere. With that Ipod you can collect more of what is available, but the music box still has something that you can’t replace, nostalgia. I think that in time, the music box is going to be an old dinosaur, just like the Carters!

Now the good news – the owner of Fusion, Barry Dindyal and his family are also among the nicest you’ll ever meet. If you’ve never met Barry or his family you can do so on Thurs. June 28 for Fusion customers appreciation day from 5pm-9pm at 4815 Georgia Ave, NW.

Additionally there is not going to be a huge change with the space. They are keeping the name Hitching Post and the famous fried chicken! The menu will not be Indian like Fusion. It will be an affordable American style spot. They will also offer Saturday and Sunday brunch, a great outdoor patio, a new happy hour and most entrees will be between $12-$15. Hitching Post’s last day will be July 31st and they will reopen Aug. 7th.

  • Anonymous

    Will they offer any vegan items on the new menu?

    • Anonymous

      Seriously? A place known for its fried chicken & you expect VEGAN?

      • Kiki


      • anon

        Plenty of demand for vegan menu items at soul food places. It’s a good business decision.

        • Anonymous

          Any suggestions which places?

          • Anonymous

            Well Soul’s Vegetarian Exodus, Everlasting Life Cafe, Senbeb Cafe all do Vegetarian/Vegan style soul food. There are a lot of people that have vegetarian/vegan friends/significant others, having a few menu options that they can order is a good idea.

          • Anon

            Big love for all three of them, especially Senbeb. Everything we’ve ever had from there has been DELICIOUS.

      • Vegan

        Places CAN be known for a number of dishes. Doesn’t have to be just one. And vegan “fried chicken” is great, when done well. Just smart business to offer a variety of options.

        • Anonymous

          Vegan Fried Chicken, prepared well*

          *Vegan fried chicken is prepared well by using the same 3-day-old fryolator oil we use for the real fried chicken and fried fish. You’re welcome.

      • Anonymous

        “Seriously? A place known for its fried chicken & you expect VEGAN?”

        He/she didn’t say they were expecting vegan. If you don’t eat something that appears in most menu items, is it that unreasonable to inquire as to whether a restaurant serves anything without them? Or are you (illogically) supposed to wait until you’re sitting at the restaurant, menu in hand, to find out?

    • Might I suggest a nice spicy sweet potato corn succotash?

      • Anonymous

        That sounds tasty! Just searched for recipes :-)

  • CornholioDC

    I hope they don’t change a thing – I love this spot the way it is!

  • Anonymous

    Go Barry!

  • Best wishes to the Carters on a lovely retirement! A well-earned retirement indeed.

  • Anonymous

    The vegan question killed me. From a place known for it’s fried (and delicous) chicken and seafood dishes, and someone wants vegan.

    • 14thstgal

      I’m not vegan but don’t think its a crazy question. Its assuming new ownership by someone who offers a ton of vegan items at his other restaurant. They say they will be creating a new “American style” menu keeping some of the favorites. There are plenty of American foods that are vegan so if that is how someone eats and you would like to support a neighborhood place, why are people so up in arms about a simple question?

  • A Sunday brunch is such great news! It will be great to have another option in this area besides Domku. While I love the food and of course the Carters, an improvement I would welcome would be faster service and normal sized portions. You could feed an army off one order of sausage and eggs. Congrats to the Carters on their retirement :)

  • While it is sad to see the Carters sell the Hitching Post, it is great news that Barry is buying it. He has made a wonderful and welcoming place at Fusion and the HP is in good hands.

    Congratulations to the Carters for their decades of hard work. They made a DC institution out of the Hitching Post and I hope they enjoy their retirement.

  • monkeyrotica

    Willl I be able to get an iced “expresso,” hold the junkpunch?

    • Awesome. Junkpunch only available during happy hour.

      • monkeyrotica

        Are the junkpunches cruelty-free, artisanal, or very unique?

  • Chris

    I’ve never been a believer in this place. Its dirty and greasy and no care put into the preparation of food. I hope they change a lot or i will continue to not go there.

    • madmonk28

      We’re all okay with that.

  • Kvatch

    Now if we could just get a new joint to occupy the El Limeno space…

  • Anonymous

    I love Indian cuisines and I love fusion cuisines; I just don’t think that the restaurant Fusion does either very well. I know in Petworth we are suppose to be happy for every effort to bring services to the area but I really wish that we simply had a solid Indian restaurant without inflated costs. I find myself disappointed after eating at Fusion.

    Now, on several mailing lists we are asked to support the owner’s efforts to now create southern/soul food? No, not my circle of Petworth residents.

    • matt

      Stay home and cook,don’t speak me or any one else

  • Anonymous

    I hate to say it, but I am so happy to see Hitching Post go. I have been in there on 1 occasion and the owner was extremely rude to his staff. It was so bad that my family and I were embarrassed to witness how inhumanely the owner treated his cleaner. Since that time, I have NEVER gone back. I understand I don’t know the history or the background, nor do I know their relationship, but the owner was calling the man stupid, in front of customers, and asking him whether he had a brain. We look forward to the new place!


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