Washington, DC

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Dear PoPville,

My dog was brutally attacked last night at about 7:30 at the corner of New Hampshire Ave NW and Webster St. I hate to say it because I know this breed gets a bad rap, but it was a short, very stocky, light brown pit bull type dog. The owner either was letting the dog drag it’s leash or she did not have a good hold, as when I looked over I saw the dog charging us from a block away on 5th St. Fortunately my dog was able to defend herself, but a puppy or smaller dog would have surely been killed.

In all of the commotion I believe the woman called her dog Roscoe, but I’m not sure of that. There were two women that looked to be in their mid fifties, but I didn’t get a great look at them and they left after we separated the dogs. Please be cautious when walking your dog in this area, and pass along any information you may have about this dog and it’s owner to Animal Control.


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