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  • politico

    WHAT OBAMA IS UP TO – DC: At 10:30, the President will visit a small business in the DC area to urge Congress to act on the “To Do List.” Then he’ll lunch with congressional leaders at 11:30. At 3:10, he will posthumously award the Medal of Honor to Specialist Leslie H. Sabo, Jr., in the East Room.

  • anon

    it’s got to be Obama-saw on the news this am he was going to a local business. security all over 14th st.

  • Rukasu

    Yeah that’s the POTUS tent, was the same one that was set up at Boundary Road when he visited

  • monkeyrotica

    Maybe Michelle is steering him away from hamburgers and more towards sandwiches? And I could really go for a half dozen risotto balls right now.

  • anon

    This is exhausting. I stood on a 16th street bus this morning for about 50 minutes trying to get to work. At least I was on a bus. There was also some major incident at 16th and U – what happened there?

    Seriously, if a major commuter artery is going to be shut down at rush hour for a VIP visit, the white house press office needs to consider the impact. This has happened a few times in the last two months where 16th street is shut down, downtown, at rush hour, and the city turns to gridlock. I suppose because it is a VIP, the Post and others do not do a “breaking news” line on the mobile websites, which would be so incredibly helpful in determining alternate routes at the beginning of the commute, not in the middle of it.

    How can we, as residents that live and work in this city, have faster communication on this?

    • Nick

      Um . . . . I guess you could live somewhere other than the Nation’s Capital, but then you wouldn’t be living in the Nation’s Capital.

      • hehehe… good one Nick

      • thoughtfull

        Or the Secret Service could provide general road closure info to DPW, who could then send it out to citizens who sign up for a text alert system, w/o specifically mentioning the POTUS

        • Rhody

          There was road work south of U on 16th causing major traffic problems, I heard it on the radio while on the bus passing the POTUS tent this morning. 16th traffic situation had nothing to do with this

    • g

      There was utility work at 16/U this morning (still is I think) — your commute nightmare had nothing to do with POTUS.

      • I had a commuting nightmare with POTUS. I dreamed that I was commuting to work, and a bear was chasing me. Then the bear turned into my mother, and I had to give a big speech in front of the entire school. Then POTUS came up and said, “here’s some change we can all believe in: change your pants. You have soiled yourself, sir.” What do you think it means?

    • Ward One Resident

      You must be new here…

      • anon

        Nope, 11 year resident. Just noticing and commenting on a new trend over the last few months.

        Seriously, by posting on this blog, I expect jerk-face responses, but I’m also interested in some constructive ideas from this community.

        • But Bush was here for 8 of those years. He was famous for being scared of DC and never leaving the White House. Obama’s DC visits are typical of a “normal” president.

          • Anonymous

            I call Bullsh*t on that comment.

            i disliked W as much as the next guy/gal. There is NOOOOOO way a sitting president with the secret service protection is “scared” for his personal safety in any city except maybe Kabul or Baghdad.

          • Anonymous

            He was being sarcastic, but in reality W didn’t make much of an effort to connect with the city he occupied for nearly a decade. 44’s visits to these establishments elevates our city. Taylor is amazing, Boundary Road is as well, and any homeowner who bitches about this stuff need only look at their property values since he’s become president to know what’s up.

          • No, Bush wasn’t scared. just completely disinterested in his job or responsibilities which is why he spent 879 days of his 8 year Presidency on official vacation. Not “unofficial”, where you make a 5 minute speech during hte day so the day isn’t counted to your total…879 FULL vacation days or 30% of his entire time as President, breaking the former record for time spent on vacation during your Presidency formerly held by another Republican, Reagan.

            490 of those days, or 17 full months was at the “Western White House” clearing brush on his TX ranch.

            This is why it makes me chuckle every time Republicans get red in the face when Obama heads to NYC for the day to go to a play, or takes an afternoon off to play Basketball.

          • Anonymous

            I want a president who does his job, not one who spends all of his time in office campaigning and visiting local restaurants for photo ops.

          • DC20009

            I don’t care if a President is in Hawaii, Crawford, TX, Santa Barbara, San Clemente, Plains, or Kennebunkport – a president is never really on vacation. He is always connected, always available, always on-call, always working. The partisan bickering over presidential trips is just silly.

          • Annonny

            Bush’s self-penned job description was as “Decider in Chief.” That doesn’t take much effort when you are not interested in facts. Hence the rigorous vacation schedule.

          • Rich

            Cheney, OTOH, would tie up Connecticut Ave on a regular basis “going to work”.

    • it took me forever to get to work on on the 16th street bus this morning as well. i completely understand that level of security that is necessary for protection, but it’s frustrating sometimes. obama has been doing a lot of meetings or something in a building right across from where i work during evening rush hour as well, so sometimes, i can only exit my building from one side and then also 16th street is shut down there. it can be an obstacle.

      • anon

        we must work near each other. i appreciate and support the level of security that is needed, but you’d think that there would be some better coordination between wmata (buses), ddot, etc. – though i am guessing some would say that they don’t want to give that sort of info away ahead of time for security reasons. it’s just frustrating and annoying, no matter how you travel. and preemptively, i’ve lived here nearly 15 years so i’m used to it, though it seems like it’s gotten a lot worse in the the last few 5 years or so.

      • It was on NPR all morning that there was emergency utility work at 16th and U that was causing a terrible jam on 16th St. It had nothing to do with Obama.

        • it’s a good thing that metrobuses pipe in NPR for all of us non-car commuters to listen to then, to be informed of all delays. yeah or not. also, all the commuters who were delayed on 14th because of obama had to go somewhere, my guess, and it’s not too far of a stretch, would be 16th. pretty much 16th was a mess this morning no matter how you justify it.

          • Anonymous

            If only they made some type of portable device to harvest radio waves so you could listen to them outside your car.

          • Anon202

            Whatever problems there were on 14th Street must have been pretty late because I take the 14th Street bus and there was no traffic at all at 830.

          • it must be nice to have all that extra time in the morning to listen to the radio, in hopes of some useful nugget of information that will actually affect your life that morning.

          • Annonny

            Or one of those new-fangled things called a “web-enabled phone” whatever that is. I even heard that the Washington Post sends out commuter alerts if you give them your “email,” whatever that is.

            But maybe we just need to bring back town criers, since obviously it’s impossible to know where this thing called traffic comes from!!!

            “Hear-ye, hear-ye, the olde pypes underfoote have ruptured, releasing a heavy torrentte like the sea! The horseless carriages will be a-mighty delayed this a’mornin'”

          • I listen to the radio getting ready for work, so I generally know where the major traffic snarls are. They kept saying to avoid 16th St if possible, but I know a lot of people have no other way into work. I also saw a lot of cars bailing from 16th to cut over on my street to 14th, so I figured something was up. Sorry you had a rough go of it.

          • @Annonny i feel bad for you. this conversation started off as a few people talking about the rough go of the commute this morning based on a series of poorly timed incidents. i hope it makes you feel good to be a smartass that offers nothing worthwhile in a conversation. and also cowardly enough to hide behind an anonymous name.

      • Annonny

        I feel sorry for people who are too self-involved to bother listening to a traffic report and then blame the leader of the free world for their unrelated commuting troubles.

        • i listened to the tv this morning and nothing was said about it. and then because of traffic being clogged around 14th and emergency work being done on 16th, there was a jam. grow up and stop being an internet troll.

    • Bryan

      You first point out that POTUS had nothing to do with you, but then continue on to blame him for your troubles? How does someone constructively reply when the problem is your own sense of logic.

      Plus how much advance notice do you think anyone deserves about the exact movements of the POTUS. How much is a safe amount??

    • Anonymous

      The only logical reaction is to impeach Obama!

  • Peeved

    Glad to see metro PD will only properly patrol 14th street for one man.

    • Anon


  • Patrick

    Pretty cool!! I definitely noticed an increased police presence on 14th around 8:20.. don’t think the tent was up yet though.

  • Max

    14th street just got closed off by the police (10:00)

  • Anononymous

    Took 25 minutes for me to get past there coming from Clifton. Not cool, Barry, not cool.

  • Anonymous

    I live around the corner of the place! these people dont need to block streets because he is coming! they wouldnt let me go to my building the police were acting like i wanted to see him all i wanted waas to get to my house! i had to show ID to let me go to my street WTF!!!!!!!!

    • Bryan

      That doesn’t sound like a major inconvenience at all, considering hes nationally elected President of the United #$%&* States and you’re a renter (betting on renter because I doubt an owner would flip such shit) in the nations capital.

      • L

        Easy, sleazy! “…and you’re only a renter”—-WOW. I appreciate the need for security, but this kind of mentality is rather distorted. Please remember that every president is a public servant to the citizens of the United States, whether they are “only renters” or otherwise. We don’t have a caste system here in America (yet).

        • Bryan

          On my screen your misquote (adding the word “only” to what I actually said, which you did TWICE) is now “only” about 1 inch from my actual phraseology. What the dumb response was that?!

          • E

            Bryan, please look into anger management classes.

    • Anonymous

      It’s just an inconvenience for as few more months. Next January, the Obamas will be back in Chicago.

      • OldTimer

        in your dreams

      • Michael

        Which Koch brother are you?

        • Anonymous

          The one who’s helping put Romney in the White House!

          • Anonymous

            you keep posting, i keep laughing

    • notpostingtooquickly

      yes they do. he’s the most powerful man on the planet. one who likely receives countless threats on a daily basis…. no one cares about you or access to your apartment at that very moment.

  • Alternative assumption: I assumed it was related to the construction when I biked by around 8:30 this morning. I figured they were going to use TNT or something to blow up some rock. It wasn’t as set up as it is in the photo.

  • Adam

    That explains the helicopters that have been circling around my house on Swann. I guess Taylors is out for lunch today. Bummer

  • Kori

    Thomas Circle in its in entirety is all blocked off. As it 14th street to the circle.

  • Long post, sorry, but this just landed in my inbox at work a few minute ago:

    Subject: Pool report #1 – small biz roundtable

    Motorcade rolled from the White House at 10:24 a.m. Arrived at 10:29 at Taylor Gourmet, a restaurant on 14th near T Street NW.

    No POTUS sighting. Pool is currently holding outside.

    From the White House:
    This morning, the President will Taylor Gourmet, a small business in the Washington, DC where he will urge Congress to act on the “To Do List,” specifically highlighting the need to invest in small businesses and jumpstart new hiring by passing legislation that gives a 10 percent income tax credit to firms that create new jobs or increase wages in 2012 and that extends 100 percent expensing in 2012 for all businesses. The President will hold a roundtable discussion with small business owners who will benefit from these proposals as well as Small Business Administrator Karen Mills.

    The individuals noted below will be participating in the roundtable discussion.

    Casey Patten & David Mazza, Founders and Co-Owners Taylor Gourmet
    Philadelphia natives Casey Patten and David Mazza are founders and co-owners of Taylor Gourmet, an Italian deli with four locations in the Washington, DC metropolitan region. As the chef and creative partner, Casey is knowledgeable in quick-serve and casual dining. He has been involved in the service industry since 1995. David is responsible for the business planning and has a background in real estate. They opened the first Taylor Gourmet location in 2008. Casey and David were approved for an SBA-backed loan that helped them purchase their third location on 14th Street NW in Washington, DC. They will open a fifth location this summer and plan to hire more than 25 new employees. Casey and David are residents of Washington, DC.

    Brian J. Smith, Founding Principal Francis Lee Contracting
    Brian J. Smith is a founding principal at Francis Lee Contracting, a three-year-old general contracting firm that specializes in construction. The company employs 14 people and is headquartered in Washington, DC’s Ward 8. Brian has twenty years of experience in the commercial real estate development and financial services industries. With the help of SBA counseling, the company has experienced tremendous success, seeing an annual revenue growth of over 75%. Brian plans to hire additional employees this year and purchase needed construction equipment. Brian is a resident of Arlington, Virginia.

    Kathy Rachels, President of Yes! Organic Markets
    Kathy Rachels is the president of Yes! Organic Markets. Kathy was born in Korea and immigrated to the United States in 1971. She went into business with her two brothers Gene and Gary Cha, opening their first Yes! Organic Market on Columbia Road NW in Washington, D.C. With the help of two SBA-backed loans, they were able to purchase two separate additional locations, 3425 Connecticut Avenue NW and 4100 Georgia Avenue NW in Washington, DC. Today there are eight locations in the Washington, DC metropolitan region. Kathy has plans to open an additional store and higher more employees. Kathy is a resident of Arlington, Virginia.

  • ehg

    I actually said to the officer on Thomas Circle this am “oh, excellent, are you here to ticket bikers that go throught the red light?” mind you, I was on my bike-I am a bicycle commuter–but I actually stop at the red light. He looked at me like I was a little crazy.

  • Larry

    I used to live in Col. Hts. and traveling across Connecticut Ave @ Calvert St was an adventure because of VP Cheney’s almost daily motorcades.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, Cheney was on a pretty regular schedule with his motorcade in the morning and at night. You could almost set your watch to it. Biden’s comings and goings seem to be totally random.

  • Ward One Resident

    While there was definitely some bail-out traffic on 16th St. from the 14th St. closures, there was utility work at 16th and U this morning too (a manhole cover issue) so to the folks complaining about the S buses on 16th St., it wasn’t just because of the president’s visit to Taylor.

    This is D.C. where streets are closed on a daily basis for some reason or another. It’s part of life. Bitching and moaning and making assumptions that it’s the fault of one party vs. another is just ridiculous.

    If you’ve lived in D.C. for more than five minutes, you should always be aware of alternate routes to and from office/home. Traffic, whether it’s weather, terrorist, official, or accident is always going to happen. Be proactive about your commute.

  • Getting caught up in motorcades and street closures is just the “nature of the beast” of living in DC. I’ve been here 13 years and I still think its cool.

    • +1. It has never inconvenienced me enough to get upset about it. And even if it did, it is still very cool.

    • J

      Agreed. I love it and think its worth the slight delays to and fro.

      • Hal9000


  • The Hill

    Here’s the second pool report:

    Pool led in at 10:39am. POTUS in white button down shirt and dark red red tie seated with biz owners around small table in restaurant – looks like more of a take-out place. Lights were in white plastic buckets hanging upside down from ceiling. Serves sandwiches. (POTUS referred to them as hoagies)

    He asked the owners about their stories and they told him how they got started or are growing.
    “Your stories obviously are being duplicated across the country,” he told them.
    “I’m very pleased to hear the SBA had a useful role” for you, POTUS said.

    POTUS told them he would like to help them more with tax relief. “We’ll see if congress is willing to act,” he said.

    To pool, he said the three small businesses are outstanding examples of businesses that could use help. He noted that the economy is still recovering and mentioned “headwinds from the situation in Europe.”

    Of his upcoming meeting with congressional leaders, he said “I’m going to offer them some hoagies.”

    Pool ushered out at 10:51 a.m. And motorcade left at 10:56 a.m. and arrived back at the White House six minutes later.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      So wait, pool arrives, Obama enters 10 minutes later (security check etc) and then 12 minutes later he leaves? I guess this is just a PR event.

      David Mazza and Casey Patten got to meet the POTUS. Lucky guys.

  • rob

    well that is probably a $75K sandwich, so I hope he enjoys it!!! all that security isn’t free, that is on our dime, he could have ordered delivery or sent some lackey down to pick it up and had a $5 sandwich instead, I think it is very wasteful!!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    can I just say, the sandwiches here suck! they are dry and boring.

    • SF

      Second that. I hope he was prepared for a presidential-sized disappointment.

  • K

    I totally get stressed about traffic in general… but it’s Obama! I love him. I was excited to see what was up and have a heads up form POP. I am glad I follow PoP on Facebook. I saw the post just before 10:30 so I knew not to try to take 14th south, and I even informed the Dunkin Donuts staff that it might be the President. They were pretty stoked too :)

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Thanks K, your check is in the mail! :)

      • K

        Ha … as it should be!

        To me this is just something fun to see. I guess I’m sort of a nerd or country bumpkin or something. Traffic is irritating all the time so it just surprises me to see how bent out of shape people get in the comments. I should probably be embarrassed to say that I don’t follow a lot of news – but PoP is seriously one of my best local news sources!


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