• Rant: Feel like my emotional health is hanging by a thread.
    Rant: And it’s from anxieties completely brought on by myself due to taking on too many things and caring too damn much.
    Rave?: Lots of things I care about.

    • houseintherear

      Stay strong. Head up, tits out.

      (When I was going through a time like you’ve described, one of my parents’ friends said that to me and I’ve never forgotten it! It helped, for some reason.)

    • Ana

      A good way to get over the anxiety of feeling over-extended is to imagine the worst case scenario of everything falling apart and finding a way to accept it and say f*ck it whenever possible. It helps to prioritize what is overwhelming you, and it takes the anxiety off the table because worst case scenarios aren’t going to happen in every instance. This will ultimately make you more productive, which will help reduce any residual anxiety. You need you to function properly so taking care of your emotional health should be priority #1.

      Also, ditto to houseintherear’s sentiments. As long as it’s not life and death that you’re stressing about, it’ll be ok.

    • anon

      yes to the advice above me. the more you can realize/accept that you cannot control every single thing, the less anxiety you will have. i am still working my way there – i’m the typical type-a, have-to-have-control-of-everything-in-my-personal-life person (work, meh) and shifting my way of thinking has helped a lot.

      if all else fails, there’s always xanax. 😉

      • Thanks, all. I definitely have the need-to-control-everything problem. I like the idea of imagining worst case scenarios and saying, hey, I’ll still survive. Easier said than done though…

        • Ana

          Indeed it is, but think of it this way, if you can say “hey I’ll survive” to one of the things on the potential list of failures (which is far easier to accept than it would be for the whole list), and can make yourself actually believe it, then that’s one less thing on your freak out plate. You’ve got to play the percentages in life and reduce things into manageable fractions. If you can make more than 1/2 of the things you’ve got going on work 1/2 the time then I’d say you’re winning at life at the same rate as the rest of the world. And thinking this way sure beats feeling like you’re failing at everything.

          Anxiety creates a vicious cycle of making you feel like things are extra overwhelming, and then actually making things overwhelming because it takes so much energy to be anxious. I say, knock out anxiety whenever possible while accepting the fact that you’ll probably keep feeling anxious about some things and try your best to have realistic expectations of the outcome whenever you can.

  • Rant – Having your super can stolen and being forced to pay $62 for a new one that takes 2 WEEKS to arrive.

    Further Rant – Your trash not being picked up because it is not in a super can.

    Revel – @DCDPW always answers tweets quickly, even when they give bad news.

    • sb

      that sucks. Will a neighbor let you put stuff in her can for the next couple weeks? make sure you paint the next can with your address–I heard about someone who also painted some rainbows and “I am Gay!” on the can to deter theft.

      revels: nice weather, it’s my birthday, and I applied for a marriage license today. everyone in the marriage bureau was so nice–best time i’ve ever had in a court building!

      • wdc

        I am gay. That’s pretty good.

        I painted flowers and rainbows all over mine. Two months later, it was run over by a trash truck and completely flattened. 🙁

      • Love that idea (gay stickers), except I would worry my trash might NOT get picked up.

      • what gives?

        But it might get stolen by a gay guy – or gal! 🙂

      • It actually had my address on it. Honestly, it gets so beat up from the pick-up guys that I bet they broke it and just trashed it. It already was missing a lid and the hoist bar was badly bent. Just sucks that this city creates demand for something and then doesn’t have the means to rectify it quickly. I like the other suggestions though.

    • Anonymous

      Rant: I have not matured since the “gas in a rear” comment of yesterday. Now smiling about putting stuff “in her can.” I am 39 years old. Is there hope for me?

  • Kam

    Rave: District Taco on F across from my job. So good, I know I will be there frequently.

    Rant: District Taco on F across from my job. So good, I know I will be there frequently.

    • Kam, any chance you work at KFF?

      • Kam

        Nope, what is that? I work in the NPB.

  • Revel: I always forget how much happier morning runs make me. Especially when it is sunny.

    Revel: Think I’ve decided I’ll be taking a trip to Germany! Any tips on where I should visit?

    • L

      I love Berlin. So much great contemporary architecture mixed in with old architecture (although much is simply rebuilt in old style after war). So much history. So many amazing museums — seriously I’ve been to Berlin twice and still have museums I want to go back to visit. Very cosmopolitan. I’d pair Berlin with a smaller town to get a good feeling of the country, because Berlin is very different than the rest of Germany.

      • LOVE Berlin – went three times in the semester I was living in Denmark. So much to see and it changes all the time.

    • Anony

      Congrats! Germany is a fantastic place to visit. How long are you planning on being there?

      I consider Munich and Berlin essentials and, fortunately, they are well connected by overnight train. In Munich, you can take day trips to Austria (Salzburg is only 1.5 hours by train) and the Bavarian/Austrian Alps to see castles, mountains, villages, etc. And Berlin is a fantastic metropolitan city with an absolute ton of history, beautiful parks, great food, and fun bars and clubs.

    • What gives?

      I much preferred Bavaria (Munich and the Alps region) to Berlin, but that’s just me. The food and beer are a dude’s dream!

      If you find yourself in the south, you have to check out Neuschwanstein Castle (legend has it it’s the one Walt Disney modeled the Disney castle after), and absolutely walk across the super-high bridge over the ravine, overlooking the castle. Fantastic views!

    • For sure, a boat ride/cruise down the Rhine.

  • PG

    Rave: The Circulator bus. I took it for the first time last night. What a cheap, pleasant way to get from Union Station to Georgetown!

    And I had a nice time hanging out with my cousin and his wife, having drinks by the water. I rarely go to Georgetown, but I enjoyed being there last night.

  • me

    Rant: Moving away from DC in less than a month, and I get the distinct impression that the friends I have around here don’t really care.

    Rave: I can’t wait to be closer to my family.

    Rave: It’s gorgeous outside!

    • wdc

      Wait, are you the usual me, or another me? PoP wouldn’t be the same without me!

      • me

        I’m the “usual” me. I appreciate your sentiment. 🙂 But yes, I put in for a job transfer that just got accepted last week, and I now am headed out of the area. It’ll be rough, as I’ve been here for about 10 years, but I think it’ll be good. I hope.

        • anonnnnn

          congrats! it’s exciting. where ya headed?

          • me

            Michigan. I’ll keep everyone updated. 🙂

        • wdc

          Well, complete strangers on the internet are sorry to see you go. If that helps.

        • Good luck and please post and let us know how you’re doing.

          • yes! please drop in and say hi! If you will be near Dearborn, I can recommend some fantastic restaurants. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      That’s a really tough feeling to go through. I went through it myself when I left DC for a while. Five years and people barely stopped long enough to say goodbye. When I came back unexpectedly, the welcome was muted, at best. I think a lot of people who just too busy to care. You should do your best to leave them out of your life and focus on people who do have the energy to give a damn.

      • anonymous

        I echo this. After a death in the family recently, I started thinking very carefully about the people who count and the people who don’t count. It has really opened my eyes. It is not that I don’t care about the people who “don’t count” per se, but I just no longer feel like it is my mission to get their attention anymore. Life is too short to dwell on the slights. Focus on the people who count.

        • Anonymous

          I know what you mean. I probably have dozens of Facebook friends who I’ve never met in real life.

      • Agree with this at many stages in life. While my husband was deployed, I made little effort to contact certain people as an experiment to see if they’d check up on me. Some didn’t. I got tired of being the friend who always made the plans. If they can’t check up on me while my husband is in a combat zone – even via email – I don’t need them in my life. I shared witha few other military wives that, “deployments teach you who your real friends are” and I think the same goes for a move, a loss in the family, the birth of a child or any other major life event. If you have to put in too much effort, it’s likely not worth it. Even if I’ve only got a few friends, it’s much less stressful.

        • Anonymous

          testing people is pretty lame, though. and only self fulfilling. some people are really bad at staying in touch and some people have no idea what to say or do when a friend is in a tough situation. if that means you don’t want them in your life then mission accomplished, but life is a lot brighter when you drop your expectations.

          • I’m not how much lower one can drop expectations than not sending communication. When you have a lot on your plate, it’s way more work to bring people together than it is worth it, in my opinion. If your “friends” like you, they’ll recognize times in your life that they should maybe step up and send a “how are ya” email at the very least. Friendships are give and takes, like any relationship, and when one person is doing all the giving, it’s probably not worth it (in my opinion). Maybe “test” was the wrong word, but give that person an opportunity to show they are a friend. To me, at my age, I’d rather not waste my time on people I have to try really hard to be friends with.

  • UtterlyAnon

    Rave: The helpful and sympathetic posts from people on PoP yesterday.
    Rave: After I finished my woe-is-me ranting here, I got a call about setting up a phone interview. Still not a “dream” job, but could be something.
    Rave: Getting in touch with people from my old job over 4 years ago and asking them if I can use them as references, and getting positive responses.
    Rave: Liking the photo on this thread.
    Rant: I hate phone interviews. I hate phones in general. I’m so friggen nervous about this.
    Rant: My dog is still sick, and I feel like I’m getting sick.
    Rave: More raves than rants today.

  • ew

    Rant: Several technology failures this week. Verizon being awful and not sending me a modem after I ordered it, then telling me I’ll get it by today, and now telling me “maybe” 3 business days. I started the arduous process of getting internet for my apartment a week ago, and still nothing. As soon as I have internet, I’m filing all sorts of complaints. Also my ancient iPhone’s OS no longer supports Skype.

    Rave: 2 job interviews this week (but one requires internet, ugh!)

    Rave: Got some great advice on interviewing for a position at an int’l development firm from a VP there who is an alumni of my university

    Rant: Not sure I stand a chance anyhow, lacking a master’s….

    • Anonymous

      What’s a “modem”? 🙂

  • shayne

    Rave: Went to “The Pinch” in CH last night. It was great! Get the pulled Duck if you go.

  • Meg

    Rant: I failed chemistry hardcore in college years ago, and not for lack of trying. I just couldn’t understand it, and it ruined my chances at achieving the degree that I really, really wanted. I’m considering taking it again, just to prove that I can do it. But honestly, where’s the time?

    • Over there —————————>

    • Nowhere! Time doesn’t exist, it’s a human invention. Now if you excuse me, I’m late to a meeting.

    • I swore off of math after taking calculus my senior year in high school and much to my chagrin, needed to re-take it in order to apply to graduate programs in Economics. First I re-took Calc I at the USDA grad school, then took Calc 2 and Calc 3 at Montgomery College and loved it! I agree that it’s not worth it if you don’t anticipate needing to use it, but if the knowledge would be valuable to you then by all means go for it!

  • Rave: I’m an aunt!
    Rant: Won’t get to see the little bugger until July.

    Rave: Fluevog is opening a store in DC!
    Rant: Their shoes be wicked expensive, yo!

    Rant: I need to take a break from work. A lot of pent up frustration that’s getting hard to keep under wraps.
    Rave: Supportive and understanding co-workers.

    Rave: Bike to Work is Friday
    Rant: Doctor said I shouldn’t bike with injured back but it feels a ton better…

    • omg Fluevog is opening a DC store?? where??? when????

    • I think my bank account was better off not knowing about Fluevog.

    • OMG! Fluevog! i have been drooling over a particular pair on the website for a month. This is both good (for my feet) and bad (for my wallet) news.

  • Revel: Our offer was accepted on a house in North Petworth! Our inspection is on Friday, and closing date in June 15. So excited to most likely be a home owner in less than a month!

    Revel: Starting a new job in just a week and a half. Better salary and better title!

    Rant: Feel like I may be taking on too much at once, but maybe that is just the way we do things. Hubby and I got married in the hurricane, so it seems like functioning chaos is just our life.

    Rant: Starting to realize the amount of money we will need to spend on things for the house since we have basically no furniture. Going to have to take it a little at a time!

    Revel: It is my amazing puppy’s 5th birthday today 🙂

    • Anon

      Join Freecycle and start scouting the free ads on Craigslist. People give away good stuff and when you find a replacement piece down the road you can just post it on one of those forums for someone else to use.

    • Freecycle addict

      I was going to suggest the same thing.

      After I moved from a small place to a larger one, I found Freecycle to be useful for getting things like shelving, curtains, additional landline phones, etc.

      And while some people unload things on Freecycle that are worn, beaten-up, need a good cleaning, etc., other people are giving away nice things that are in very good (sometimes even pristine) condition. So depending on what you get, you might not even need to replace it with something new later.

      I’d be wary of taking mattresses or anything upholstered (on account of the bedbug risk), but you can get surprisingly good stuff on Freecycle.

      • Thank you so much to both of you for the tip! I will definitely have to check that out. It sounds like a really good option.

    • Ryan’s Relics in Baltimore. Check it out.

    • Welcome to the neighborhood! My wife and I bought there in Oct 2010 and couldn’t be happier. Just do things in stages, we just finally replaced our deck, the previous thing was wildly unsafe, and did the siding last year. Inside is still a work in progress for sure though 🙂

    • A lot of people are moving beginning now through the end of August so it’s a good time to look for free stuff (particularly at the end of each month when tenants need to vacate apartments). The last time I moved I tried to sell two (ok but not great quality) bookshelves that my roommate had left behind and after all of the usual Craigslist inquiries flaked out on me I listed them for free b/c I didn’t want to move them. A very nice guy drove his minivan from VA into DC and picked them up the next day (he had a home Ebay business, I think, that he needed shelving for). If you live in neighborhood like MtP (where I lived at the time) then alot of people just stick things out on the curb and they’re typically snatched up quickly (or are left to whither and die – clean up your freebies if nobody wants them, people!)

      • Ditto. Mt P is a great place for “alley shopping,” especially after a weekend with nice weather when people are cleaning out. We got some nice chairs and other things for free.

  • Britt

    Rave: Summer Chili and cornbread for dinner last night, blueberry chocolate chip cake (made with cannellini beans!) for dessert. YUM!

    Rave: Leftovers

    Rave: It’s gorgeous out!

  • anon

    rant: people who don’t read emails/pay attention, which means they’re coming back to me to ask me the same f-ing question i responded to over email/in person last week.

  • Rant: This lady on the S9 bus this morning who actively elbowed a guy because his backpack tapped her. Then proceeded to push me because my purse must have come within her mandatory 3-foot comfort zone. Lady, the bus is packed and traffic sucked on 16th Street this morning. We’re all trying to get to work.

    Related Rant: I’m now beginning to envy all you single-person-in-the-car-drive-to-work-ers. People on the 16th Street buses–morning and evening rush–are driving me up the f*cking wall lately.

    Rave: Nats game tonight, lovely weather, and Memorial Day weekend is so close I can almost taste the suntan lotion!

    • Oh my god I’ve seen “comfort zone” lady on the 16th street lines before! I mean dang, her personal bubble is HUGE. Way too huge for public transportation.

    • wdc

      Is she a large 60ish white woman? I’ve seen this person, several times, sit in the very first reserved seat with her foot out in the aisle, loudly yelling “ouch!” every time a boarding passenger bumped it. Also seen her lecturing other people about the proper bus etiquette and holding forth to the (totally uninterested) bus driver.

      • Not this time, but I’ve seen her before as well. This was a 30-40 yr old petite woman with shoulder-length brown hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and holier-than-thou attitude. Keep your eyes peeled, PoPville!

    • christanel

      I’ve yet to see this woman but my sympathies to those who do. Great thing about riding S9/S2/S4 route all the way from Silver Spring – I almost never have to stand.

    • Tim

      I hate behavior like that. If you can’t stand the crowds and need a 3 foot space bubble, don’t live in the city! On the flip side, it sounds like her miserable attitude towards things is her own punishment too.

  • Rave: Due to what I can only assume is an insane fluke in the curve, I actually did better on my final exams than I thought I did.

    Rant: This marks the beginning of my last year of law school and I am paralyzed with fear over having to find a clerkship, or god forbid a REAL PERSON JOB. I have been in school my whole life, desperately trying to put off becoming– I don’t know– a responsible adult with an income. Sometimes the anxiety just makes me want to crawl in bed with the covers up and never come out.

    • Anon

      Check out the Presidential Management Fellowship program when it comes time next year. There are tons of opportunities in DC through this program. I highly recommend it!

      • Thanks, but I’m looking for a steady staff attorney position. PMF is geared toward management/leadership development and you have multiple rotations over a limited duration.

        • blazing sun

          I am sure you are tired of hearing this, but networking really is key. The firm where I work (and will be leaving in a few short weeks) hired in the Fall. We received so many applications, it was hard to weed through them. If we can get someone we know who says “she’s great to work with and very competent” then that person definitiely gets an interview. Same with fed gov (as least where I’m off to). Internships are helpful to get to know other attorneys, and, at least for small firms, show you may be better at the real job thing (rather than just exams and papers).

          Good luck, the market is improving, though!

  • Ana

    Rant-finally had the final talk with the guy I broke up with a week and a half ago where he finally admitted to me that our relationship was crappy because he’s in love with his best girl friend, something I had a feeling was going on all along and that he kept denying

    Rave-my best friend is coming for a visit this weekend and it’s going to be nice outside so we’re hiking in West Virginia and to Spa World!

    Rant-online dating sucks and I want to get off the dating merry-go-round

    Rave-I’m going to be an aunt and two of my good friends are getting married this year so there will be plenty to celebrate in 2012

  • TG

    Rave – I enjoyed last Friday’s question of the day on how much rent people pay a lot. Would love to see other types of “who is popville” type questions.

    • ew

      +1, although seeing people’s rent deals slightly depressed me. But I do really enjoy that sort of community type question

      • I agree. Seeing how much less everyone pays makes me feel stupid/naive/taken advantage of. But, it makes me more optimistic about my current apartment search.

  • Rant: Wore the wrong shoes today. My feet are already complaining.

    Rave: Spleens.

  • Anon X

    Rave: Kenyan McDuffie winning in Ward 5 is good for the entire city. Excited that there’s a new, exciting councilmember that I have high hopes for!

    • Warder Kid


      Very excited for Kenyon’s win last night despite the temptation to be cynical about all DC politics. I truly believe he is a new breed of public servant that is not beholden to the filthy machine that is DC politics. Gotta have faith in something!

    • I know nothing about Kenyon McDuffie, except that I love his name so much that I definitely would have voted for him if I lived in Ward 5. Glad to hear his politics live up to his name!

      • Anonymous

        His wife’s name is Princess, which makes it even better for me. ALL HAIL PRINCESS MCDUFFIE.

    • +1 on this rave. Made me feel good about getting out there and voting!

    • I fourth or fifth your comment, and I don’t even live in Ward 5 (but I have heard Kenyan at the debates/events and I think he’ll do well for the Ward).

  • Rant: I take pride in getting mad only once a year, and that day is today. I yelled to public employee who was treating me disrespectfully and it’s amazing how nice and smooth things went after that. Doing that doesn’t make me happy, in fact I feel pretty bad and even sad after doing it.
    Rave: there are lots of public employees that treat customers with respect.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Just had the 2nd job interview for THE international position. Fingers crossed. Toes crossed for an offer.
    Rant: A week until notification.

  • Rant: the disruption in my healthy living plan (eating well, working out) caused by my move. I don’t do well with disruptions in my schedules and being disorganized isn’t helping. I’ve been struggling to hit 75lb weight loss and this timing is making it harder! All my kitchen stuff is randomly put away and I need to get a good “organizational” shopping trip in but won’t have time until after memorial day.

    Rave: losing almost 75lbs. I can’t be too upset about minor setbacks (even though I am!)

    • anonsequitir

      I, too neglect my diet when life goes into a tailspin. But I honestly cannot say enough about Peapod (online grocery selection and delivery by Giant) during those times when you are too busy to shop. I also found that it really helps me to stick to a very specific list for my diet because I have to search for what I want and it eliminates that chance of browsing through store aisles and stumbling upon some new product that mixes chocolate and peanut butter in some new magically delicious way. Best of luck to you on your goal!

    • ew

      The same thing happened to me over the past couple of weeks. Due to moving/organizing/buying stuff for the apartment I have had no time to keep up with my regular exercising habit. That coupled with de facto living with my boyfriend, who has a high metabolism and a penchant for unhealthy food, has caused me to gain back a few of the 11 pounds I lost earlier this year. I’m giving myself through the weekend to use moving as an excuse, and then back to the grind. Good luck on getting everything together after your move!

      • it sucks being with someone who can eat a whole bag of oreos while I watch and then gain the weight. Maybe it’ll catch up with them?!

        I’m a very organized person (I have charts for meals so I know how much of what ingredients to buy….laugh, but it keeps my grocery bill lower!) and I have my chart for next week until we travel, will pack snacks while we’re away, and tomorrow print out my chart for the week of memorial day so I have the list ready to go.

        It’s comforting to know you’re eating right and working out….when you don’t? Even if you aren’t any bigger, you feel it. Frustrating, but in the end just a bump in the road

  • Rant: horrible cold that has morphed into intense sinus pain and nausea.

    Rave: percoset

  • what

    Rant: None of my spring/summer dresses fit.
    Rave: At least I was able to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted during the first half of my life.
    Rant: my formerly fast metabolism spoiled me and I never developed an exercise habit.

  • Rant: Someone came in requesting something, to which I was supposed to say no, but ended up saying yes. Most of my co-workers were at their desks to hear the exchange and I basically got stage fright. Must work on saying no!

    Rave: This WEATHER!!!
    Rave: I’m wearing my purple shoes!
    Rave: Todd Snider!

    Revel: Thinking of getting a tattoo before I turn 30…which is in the beginning of June. Would really like to get it on the arch of my foot. Anyone have one there? I have a high tolerance for pain and I’ve heard its more ticklish (which I’m not!) than anything.

    • Anonymous

      definitely don’t make a decision like that until after you’re 30. plus, think about all the pressure to always have your feet perfectly manicured since you’ll have to show them all the time.

    • It is not ticklish. It is mega-painful, mainly because there are so many bones and not much else. Extremely painful. And if you don’t have good luck with the ol’ foot skin, your tattoo might vanish–skin on your hands and feet shed more than your normal fleshy skin (which is why many shops will charge you more for a foot/hand tat). I’ve only gotten one foot-tattoo touch-up, and I’ve been told that I am really lucky. Seven years later, it still looks pretty good, and tattoo artists are actually amazed that the ink on my foot kept as well as it did.

      That being said, if you decide to do it, good luck! I’m sure you’ll end up loving it, whatever you get. Just remember, if you get tattooed in the District, you can’t donate blood for a year because they’re all unlicensed. Head out to VA or MD to get it done 🙂

    • Funny the goals we set for ourselves before turning 30. Mine was to come out to my parents, which I did two days before. Mom said she thought she knew, and Dad was completely dumbfounded.

  • Kam


    • Anonymous

      Came in here to post that. RIP Chuck, he finally busted loose for good.

      • Kam

        The Godfather of Go Go has gone home to be with our father.

  • rave: took the GRE yesterday – SO glad that over!
    rant: I’ve been putting off doing the rest of the application (deadline is June 1st!)
    rant#2: I’m not sure how to interpret whether I got a good GRE score or not yesterday b/c they changed the scoring system last year. The ETS conversion table online indicates that I got a good score (under the old scoring system, but given how dumb the questions in the second quant section made me feel, I’m having a hard time believing that I did that well!


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