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Outdoor Pools Open for Memorial Day Weekend! Regular Schedule Starts June 18th

by Prince Of Petworth May 23, 2012 at 11:30 am 19 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

From a press release:

[On Friday] Mayor Gray will officially Kick off the 2012 Summer Pools Opening Kick-Off and open the new Rosedale Community Center.

Mayor Gray will officially Kick Off the 2012 Summer Pools Opening at Rosedale Community Center. DPR has 19 outdoor pools, 11 spray parks and 5 Children’s Pools that will be open starting Memorial Day Weekend. The Mayor will also unveil the new Rosedale Community Center with new pools, a new gym, new activity rooms, a new artificial turf field and more.

You can find a full list of DC’s outdoor pools here. While pools will be open this weekend, please note regular hours begin June 18th.

You can see the popular Banneker Pool’s [2500 Georgia Avenue, NW] schedule here and all other pools here.

  • M.C. Rick Phillips and DJ Kurtis “KC” Cramer

    We’re going to the pool party at the Cap Skyline in a few weeks WUTWUT?!

  • I am disappointed to see that both Upshur and Banneker will not have weekday daytime hours this year. Not only do I lose my convenient lunch time lap routine but these hours provided DC youth summer jobs.

    • I think they will have weekday hours once school lets out. They can’t do it before because they don’t have the lifeguards to staff the pools. My son worked as a lifeguard at Upshur two years ago.

      • The weekday hours start once school is out June 18th, but according to the website those hours for Upshur and Banneker will be Mon – Fri 4:30pm – 8:00pm.

        • Oh, I didn’t notice that. I wonder why that is.

  • Thor

    ” While pools will be open this weekend, please note regular hours begin June 18th.”

    What does this mean? Are they open this weekend then close and re-open June 18th?

    • No, their weekend hours begin this weekend but their weekday hours won’t start until June 18. So this weekend they’ll be open, next weekend they’ll be open, etc.

  • Sammy

    BEST NEWS OF THE WEEK! God I love the DC Public Pools. Banneker and Upshur, here I come!

  • Agreed on only opening up Upshur in the evening. Seems like keeping it open all day would be some extra jobs, and an extra place four our youth to hang out at safely and healthily (sp haha)

  • Six Foot Seven Foot

    Ha! My pools been open for almost a month now too bad the weather has been bad (for the most part).

  • I will be home on maternity leave this summer. What pool would be best to go to during the day, or best times to go? I was thinking one that tends to be quieter, with maybe more people exercising than kids playing?

    • An

      It looks like most don’t open until 4:30, but the East Potomac Pool has always had a more adult-leaning crowd. Also, since it’s not right in a neighborhood, the kids there are with their parents and not there unsupervised.

  • Tim

    I bet the water’s coooooold.

  • cmma

    Banneker as “popular” blows me away as I used to go there when no one would even think of going to that pool. I love that pool, as well as the one at Hains Point — run a few miles at Hains Pt and then go cool off at the pool.

    Love summer

  • SF

    The new pool complex at the Rosedale Rec center looks unbelievable. It’s really part water park.

  • Any advice about when to go to any particular pool to get some laps in on the weekend?

    • All of the pools have adult swim time and some have dedicated lap lanes. I’d just go to the closest one to you and check it out and branch out from there.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if they are actually open on Monday (Memorial Day)? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a huge fan of Upshur except for the fact that there are no lap lanes. Sometime’s it’s hard to know which pools have lap lanes and which don’t. Does anyone know of pools other than Banneker and East Potomac that have lap lanes?

    East Potomac is far from me and Banneker is super crowded.


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