The Pig Opening in Logan Circle May 14th

by Prince Of Petworth April 19, 2012 at 11:30 am 16 Comments

Back in early Jan. 2012 we learned about the new Chef, Garret Fleming, coming to The Pig in Logan Circle at 1320 14th St, NW. Now we have an opening date – May 14th and a bit more info on the menu:

The Pig is hand crafted food, with respect for the whole animal, and an emphasis on local farms. The menu blends Chef de Cuisine Garret Fleming’s culinary experience in American Southern and Italian cooking. Whole Pigs, some Heritage, are crucial to the menu’s philosophy and are sourced from Eco Friendly Farms in Virginia. The diverse menu also features other locally sourced ingredients from organic farms such as: Dragon Creek in Virginia for specialty fish; Irwin Mushrooms in Pennsylvania; Trickling Springs in Pennsylvania for eggs and dairy; and most notably, EatWell DC’s very own EatWell Natural Farm in La Plata, Maryland. The Pig will serve dinner nightly at 5pm, with a target open date of May 14, 2012. Saturday & Sunday Brunch will follow a few weeks later.

The menu is mainly designed around sharing plates with prices ranging from $4 to $14; including: Cassoulet of white beans, boar, veal tongue and rabbit; Scallops crudo with citrus fennel; and Mushrooms beurre blanc, with puff pastry and duck yolk. The highlight of the menu though are The Pig Platters, showcasing house cured meats, Chef’s terrine, house pickles, condiments, local cheese and artisanal breads. Supper plates are also available for those less inclined to share.

The Pig drink menu has an extensive list of handcraft cocktails and house made mixers as well as American craft beers, boutique bourbons and earth friendly wines. It will be one of the few restaurants in DC offering tap wines from kegs, with two whites and one red on “draft.” Vineyards invited to The Pig’s tables must meet strict qualifications for taste and menu pairing and are either produced locally or practice sustainable or biodynamic farming.

The Pig’s décor will blend industrial with urban; dramatic lighting, patinas and striking art from another era and medium.

  • jch

    They going to be taking reservations for weekend dining? I don’t think i saw taht on their web site.

  • classic_six

    Not sure but there seems something slightly incongruous about espousing “respect for the whole animal (insert: pig)” and dishing out small-plates concept with which to share. If the sharing encompassed a more communal feel for a table, e.g., sharing an entire roasted pig at table, then I’d get the sharing concept more for this place.

  • How about a few different pork belly options? Most restaurants just have one which is not enough for an addict like me.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly, pork is the new cupcake in DC.

  • Mary

    I will be so very happy when the whole small plate thing is finally done. It is so tiresome.

    • Anton Noosbusch

      Yes, I too hate selecting multiple items from a menu and sharing them with my friends.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. It’s a scam to get more money from the diner for less food. If I want to share a plate, I’ll rather do it myself, not because you’re forcing me to with your menu. Unless the food is stellar, I’ve started to avoid all tapas style places.

  • I’m with Mary on the small plates but at least they offer supper plates. Veal? Seriously? People still eat this? I’m not sure how you can tout “respect for the whole animal” and serve veal. Can you have tender free range veal?

    • jcm

      Ecofriendly sells pastured veal. It’s also called rose veal, because it’s pink, not white. It’s not confined, and it’s fed grass and mother’s milk like the regular grass-fed beef. It’s just killed when it’s young. “Calf” is probably a better term for it than “veal”. No idea if that’s what The Pig is selling, but it definitely exists.

      On an entirely different topic, calling a restaurant The Pig makes me miss Au Pied de Cochon.

  • dupontcityboy

    I may have to move to Logan for this. yum!

  • elsie

    I completely agree with the whole small plates phenomenon—disappointed to read that The Pig will be subscribing to this approach. I’m tired of ordering two-to-three bite plates to “share” with a table of friends, especially when the average cost of such plates is about $15 per plate. Outrageous.

  • john

    Yet ANOTHER small plate restaurant in the neigborhood–I’ll pass.

  • ds

    but will they allow the food to better than there existing places???

  • JHahn

    From The Pig Team…
    We certainly recognize the abundance of small plate restaurants in DC. While many of our dishes are comforting and recognizable, others are a bit more adventurous. We felt small plates would allow our guests to try more at a lower price point and less investment. That being said, about 20% of the menu consists of full size entrees for those who prefer a more traditional style of dining without small plates. Our menu should be posted this weekend and we expect to open mid-May. Thanks for the interest.

    Josh Hahn, EatWell DC

  • gonzodc

    Eh. I hope it’s not as mediocre as the other restaurants in the group.


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