Sorriso Cafe e Gelateria Now Hiring in Woodley Park; Upstairs to Become a Consignment Shop?

by Prince Of Petworth April 9, 2012 at 10:22 pm 10 Comments

Back in Nov. 2011 we learned Cafe Sorriso was coming to 2311 Calvert St, NW in the former House of Philly pizza spot in Woodley Park.

“New restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner specializing in homemade gelato, deserts, and coffees. Recorded music. Occupancy load is 49. Sidewalk Cafe has 20 seats.”

Cafe Sorriso is from the same folks who run Sorriso up in Cleveland Park at 3518 Connecticut Ave, NW. Looks like the new Gelateria (ed. note: what an awesome word) getting close to opening:

Cafe Sorriso will be located between the new CVS and Afghan Grill on Calvert just east of Connecticut Ave, NW.

I also heard one more piece of interesting info while I was checking the spot. The upstairs might become a consignment store. Stay tuned.

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  • Anonymous

    Please, PLEASE let it be good. Almost every other new place that has opened up in that neighborhood, especially District Kitchen, has been a disappointment.

    • Randall Stevens

      AGREED! District Kitchen is there to capture the hotel crowd and not for the neighborhood. Why not have a burger on your menu or anything that would make it reasonable for the neighbors to come in for a weeknight dinner ala Open City.

      Really wish I could get a cup of coffee or a sandwich in WooPa.

      • WooPa? Sorry, that’s not the kind of neighborhood that can open up WooPas.

      • Michael

        Lol, I’m not jumping on the WooPa train. Neighborhood friends and I affectionally call it Hoodley sometimes though. But yeah, District Kitchen seems like a weird place with a weird menu. As a neighborhood, we want a solid neighborhood-type of place, with good food, but not necessarily exotic food. This is why Open City has been so successful. I love their breakfast but have never been wowed by the rest of the menu, but its fine.

        • Anonymous

          WooPa is happening!

          • Anonymous

            Stop trying to make WooPa happen.

  • If this place is as good as Sorriso, it will be a very welcome addition to that block.

  • michael

    Meh. This sounds about par for the course for Woodley Park. Disappointing. What is the rent like to allow so many stores/restros with high turnover potential?

  • nonnymiss

    If it’s anything like Sorriso in CP, you can expect nothing short of haphazard service.


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