• Whither, 14th street?

    • Sarcastic Tom

      Yeah, I’m really going to miss the sense of community that pawn shops help instill in the neighborhood.

  • While this was a long time coming given the 14th St. turnover, I’m kind of sad, especially if they put a tapas place in there. In the 2.5 years I’ve been here, this area has changed a ton.

  • ehg

    I have never actually seen that place open….nor have I ever seen anyone enter or leave.

  • Wallach Place Neighbor

    Glad to see them go. No value added.

  • Anonymous

    do people still hock stuff anyway?

  • ReneeB

    I was always convinced this was a front. I rarely saw this place open. Thank goodness. It always bothered me when places like ACKC and Reincarnations closes but places like this remained.

    • Rich

      A far more useful place than ACKC or Reincarnations.

    • DPZ

      seems they closed early most days, like 3pm

  • A couple of times I took days off and was around during the work day and it was open. I guess that makes sense that a lot of people using pawn shops may not be working

  • Anonymous

    I spot some stolen goods in the picture.

  • Patrick

    Went in this place once. Agree that it’s a front – unless used CDs and workout DVDs (along with the occasional power tool) are a really lucrative business.

  • Back in my days working at the shelter up the street, our guys would buy a lot of stuff there. I found the 2-disc BBC version of Pride & Prejudice for uber cheap!!

  • AA

    There goes the neighborhood…

  • Anonymous

    I’m very surprised to hear that this place is closing. Shows like Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn, Pawnography and Addicted to Pawn have actually done a lot to improve the reputation of pawn shops lately.

  • Anonymous

    What are pawnshops except a place for theives to off-load their stolen goods? I never understood how this place stayed in business. Good riddance.

  • ET

    Wonder if the police’s new efforts come into play in in way.


  • Anon

    This is case of choosing to close as opposed to Reincarnation, which lost its lease. Sam’s owned their building, which is now for sale, which allowed them to stay as long as they wanted, unlike many of the businesses that faced huge rent increases and are no longer on 14th Street. They probably are not going to be getting as much now for the property as they could have gotten a few years ago, when the building would have been combined with the development that occurred next door.


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