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  1. Ha! My mom would’ve kicked my ass if I went to Easter mass in a t-shirt and jeans! I guess the church dress code has changed since I last went years ago.

  2. Agreed — it’s one thing to visit a church as a tourist, but something else to attend Easter Mass in a t-shirt and jeans. Yeesh.

  3. Hah! My first thought, too.

  4. You all beat me to it. How embarrassing for that person! Nothing like reinforcing the stereotype of obnoxious American tourists.

  5. Beat me too it, schleppy

  6. My initial comment was going to “I didn’t realize kids going to visit Jim Morrison’s grave was still a thing”, and then I saw the guy at Easter mass at Notre Dame wearing jeans and a t-shirt. But I feel like that topic has been sufficiently covered at this point.

  7. to the judgemental asshats:
    The person in the photo is French born with extended family in France, and a dual EU and USA citizen. So spare me the obnoxious American tourist stereotypes.

    Secondly, Notre Dame was letting people tour, snap photos and walk through the church while services were going on in French; there were hundreds of (non-American) tourists doing the exact same thing we were. The church could have limited tourism that morning.

    To those “Christians”: Spare the judgements.


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