• DBV

    Even with signs like this people still don’t. I was watching a woman walking her dog one day from an upstairs window. After her dog pooped she looked around to see if anyone was watching, didn’t see anyone and started to walk away. From my window I asked…”you going to pick that up?”, she looked surprised looked around and then did what she should have in the first place.

    IT IS JUST THE RIGHT THING TO DO! WE ALL NEED TO BE RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS. Just because I can’t imagine my life without my dog doesn’t mean other people feel the same.

    • Identified

      Do you live on T Street? A few weeks back, i was walking my pup, and after I had cleaned up the doodoo, a man thanked me from his window (upper floor). It was weird to be thanked for being responsible.

      • Anonymous

        No, not me. This was over on Davenport St., but thank you for doing the right thing.

  • Man, would love to see those signs around our neighborhood. Sure, as DBV points out it won’t work for everyone, but every little bit helps.

    • jt

      The signs should be available through your ANC Commissioner.


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