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New York Avenue Beach Bar – Gonna Be Awesome or Awful?

by Prince Of Petworth April 20, 2012 at 11:30 am 63 Comments

Thanks to everyone who sent emails about the coming soon New York Avenue Beach Bar coming to the 600 block of New York Ave, NW in Mt. Vernon Square. The Going Out Gurus shared the scoop last week:

“In May, Brown [Tom owner of The Passenger] plans to unveil the New York Avenue Beach Bar in what is now an empty parking lot adjacent to the Warehouse Theater, around the corner from the Passenger’s front door. He and his partners are bringing “about 80 tons” of sand to fill the 5,500-square-foot space, along with multiple bars, picnic tables, umbrellas, lounge chairs, food trucks and “luxury trailers” containing bathrooms outfitted with running water.”

I’m cautiously optimistic because it comes from the folks from The Passenger who def. know what they’re doing. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Do you think this is gonna be awesome or awful?

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  • Dave C.

    Gonna be sick

  • ctk

    Douche Central

    • Anonymous

      Sigh, you’re probably right. Sounds like a cool idea but the clientele will be straight out of a 1998 MTV Spring Break special.

    • AG

      If this were in Dupont, yes Douche Central, but not enough douches hang out in this part of town or care about the Passenger. I think it’ll be pretty awesome.

      • Douche

        I think you will be surprised too see how far east we have infiltrated.

        I have my salmon shorts, rope belt, and boat shoes ready. I can’t wait to get them a little bit sandy.

    • sb

      It’s on the same block as the new Living Social offices so I bet a lot of their staff will go.

  • Why not? Sounds fun.

    • jch

      They probably want another bar from the people who did marvin or something that serves DC brau. I applaud them for the novel concept. hopefully, it is like the beach bars i saw when i was in Berlin and Copenhagen!

  • Even with the 1998 MTV Spring Breakers, including Mario Lopez, I think this has the potential to be awesome. One will just have to go into experience with the right mindset of what it is going to be. Also, a huge deciding factor is going to be whether or not they can keep the sand relatively clean; I know they spoke of hiring a lot of people just for sand clean-up but I am not sure if they will be able to keep up with it.

    • anon_

      I agree you – just have to go with the right mindset. It sounds promising and fun.

      I remember back in the day Tracks night club in SE has a beach volleyball court and I never recall the sand getting too bad. I’m sure there are proper maintenance techniques they will follow.

      • jcm

        I was just remembering volleyball at Tracks. You must be old, too.

        • anon_

          sigh…yes I’m old.

          • Anonymous

            Ah the sand at tracks and volleyball! There’s a few old timers around.

          • jaynuze

            we’re not that old darn it! The saddest thing … one of the buildings I used to work in was built on the plot for Tracks.
            Also wondering if this bar will be a flop like Colenel Brook’s Crab Shack in Brookland … always hoped that that place would catch on. Hoping the best for them though.

        • saf

          Uh-oh. Remembering that makes us old?

          • Oldie….but goodie?

            Wow…must make me old too…anyone remember the name of the other beach place that was where Buffalo Billards in Dupont is now? it was there in the late 80s early 90s? Cagneys?

  • Anonymous

    Only if they have some mans of sterilizing the sand monthly. It really gets grungy after a while if you’re not careful… They should also put a pool in. I have been talking about theme bars for a while now, a Tiki Bar would be really cool if done right. I’d use the big wall on the building next door for a giant projection screen of a beach scene.

    • JB

      Has anyone ever done the Tiki night at the Passenger? I’ve never quite understood what Tiki entails. Is it tropical drinks? Do you wear beach clothes? Does there have to be sand?

      • Anonymous

        Basically/ means Hawaii/Island themed… Best to wear Hawaiian shirts and sandals. It’s always fun to do Tiki bars, especially IN Hawaii. :)

  • JM

    Dear Tom Brown:

    The neighborhood feral cat population thanks you.

    – Fluffy

    • Sammy

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Annonny

      EEEWWWW!!! No thank you.

  • Anonymous

    The bar next to Col. Brooks Tavern used to do this, and it was a fun place to hang out at. I once saw The Nighthawks play there.

    • saf

      Island Jim’s!

      Loved the space, wished for a greater variety of rum.

  • Susan

    Berlin is full of beach bars and they are actually very fun, hopefully this one is modeled on the Berlin bars.

  • jeff

    why is 6th St labeled “W City Ave” on that map?

    • JS

      There’s something funky up with Google Maps right now. Lots of streets are appearing as W City Ave – RI Ave, some in Arlington. Not sure why.

      • anon

        the new “w city ave” on google maps leads all the way up the east coast through baltimore, philly, the bronx, boston to the canadian border in maine. is this the route of old US 1?

  • Rhody

    Might work in Berlin or Copenhagen but the DC douche overload will make this place awful. Also, what’s wrong with DC Brau? Sorry we all don’t like Shock Top or Yuengling

    • Do you think there aren’t douches in Berlin?

      • Anonymous

        I HATE Nazi douches!!!

    • Anonymous

      I can’t speak for anyone else but my personal problem with DC Brau is that it tastes exactly like any number of generic hoppy ales yet charges $4 more for a six pack because they are so hip and local.

      • Rhody

        Completely understandable, but I’d put their IPA up their with Ranger and Torpedo in the small group of highly-drinkable strong IPAs. There Hef tastes like any other Hef found in the US though, which is to say awful.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, it tastes like SIerra Nevada to me.

      • ctk

        On the flip side, there are some bars that charge less for DC Brau than for comparable ales.

        (I’m surprised you can actually find six-packs of it.)

        • Anonymous

          I shop for beer all over town, and I’ve NEVER seen DC Brau in stores. It’s good, but not even close to $12/six-pack good.

  • L

    Why does it need to be gimmicky? What’s wrong with a bunch of picnic tables, beer garden style? No need for sand.

  • Anonymous

    When did 6th Street become “W City Ave”?

  • Sounds cool to me, but too bad the location couldnt be placed near actual water. Thats the best part about the beach, not the sand.

  • sk

    Loved the Berlin and Copenhagen beach bars when I was there last summer. Super excited for one to be in DC and hope it’s just as nice.

  • j

    Dallas, which is landlocked, has several “beach bars” with beach volleyball and pools. They are quite fun and are very popular (especially for league volleyball play).

    I agree with you PoP- I am optimistic because people who know what they are doing are in charge.

  • Anonymous

    Dirty fun.

  • Anon X

    Excited people are taking risks and experimenting.

    That said, I dont think I’ll like it.

  • notpostingtooquickly

    This sounds dirty… I forsee a 5,500 square foot ashtray

    • Florista

      Agreed! And lots of spilled beer clumping up the sand and getting quite smelly…

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this next to the DC Eagle leather bar? This could turn into something very interesting.

    • Also next to Lux – maybe some interesting cross-pollination. Note that I didn’t say fertilization.

  • bb

    The real question: will Maverick and Goose be playing volleyball there?

    • me

      You didn’t get the news? Goose died, dude. Sorry to break it to you.

      • Anonymous

        Your comment is really funny. But it also made me so sad. Poor Goose.

        • Sigh. That was me, not another Anonymous. PoP, why is it that sometimes I stay signed in for days without having to do anything, but then just get signed out for no reason?

  • me

    I feel like it’d be really cool if I were still in my college-sorority-girl days. But I’m not, so I honestly think it will be gross / full of the types of people that I see on the cast of the Jersey Shore.

    • Anonymous

      those girls are awesome very slutty and like to start fights. Bring the Bad Girls Cast to the Nations Capitol.

  • Anonymous


  • Army

    I would like to like this but, similar to other PoPvillers, my mind thinks of the sand… the sand that will be full of drunk guy’s urine.

  • trailers with running water? i hope it’s a double-wide.

  • Trinidaddy

    If you’re looking for douches, they’re in aisle ME
    -The Douche

  • clubber lang

    Hmm.. Sand, $18 cocktails and pompous bartender= Epic fail.

  • PJYinCapitalRiverFront

    This is going to be stupid. The “know what they’re doing” argument only goes so far with me. Bo Blair “knew what he was doing” when he opened the new “Fairgrounds” at Nats Park, but the retail management company has already pulled out because… surprise, if the place is still going to basically be the Bullpen, the douchey fratboy critter-pants wearing customer-base is their to drink Miller Lite outdoors not to buy hand-made jewelry or artisan olive oil blends.

    The desire of some entrepreneurs to be innovative in a competitive market forces them to think too out of the box sometimes. Simple is still good. If you’re committed to a place that isn’t brick and mortar, Why not just make it a beer garden, with no sand, and focus on serving quality brews? Put some grills in the back and do a small menu of sausages and burgers. At least you don’t end up as a litterbox for feral cats or a mud-pit when it rains. That said, its not my money, so far be it from me to tell these folks not to waste theirs.

  • Novella

    BYOP…bring yer own pooper scooper.

  • Megan Moore

    Classic the Brown brothers. Over promise under deliver late. The Passenger now blows. This place is next in line. Nice formula arrogance brings.



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