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  • Does anyone know a garden center in DC that accepts EBT for pepper plants? I know I can buy food plants using EBT and my physical therapist just recommended gardening as part of my treatment.

  • Anonymous

    rant: my workload.

    rant: people who complain about having nothing to do at work.

    rave: life, in general, is very good.

    • Anonymous

      Rant: People who complain about having too much work to do.

      • Anonymous

        touché. but you see, I have no control over how much work comes in, whereas those of you with nothing to do can easily find ways to stimulate your mind during the day.

        • Ah, no, I disagree. As one of those people who is bored 3/4 of the time, unless you count reading PoP as stimulating, or making sure the copier/printer are stocked with paper, or waiting for the phone to ring…there’s really only so much one can do.

          • Anonymous

            read, write, draw, learn html, learn a language online at bbc, start a blog, buy and sell things on ebay or etsy, take any number of classes from itunes, surely you must have some interests that you can do whilst sitting at a desk. the internet is kind of amazing.

            we should trade jobs.

  • Anonymous

    I saw something totally awesome this morning. Some jackhole was parked in a travel lane, further snarling rush hour traffic as cars had to merge into the remaining lane to get around him. As I waited at a red light across the intersection from the obstructing car, the jackhole driver returned, pulled the parking ticket from his windshield, looked at it, and tossed it on the ground. A bike cop zipped over. I thought we didn’t have littering laws in DC, but from what I could see of the gesticulating and citation book scribbling, I could swear the cop was writing him a ticket. Cop made him pick up the discarded parking ticket while he was writing. At this point, the jackhole throws his cigarette butt on the ground, the light turns green, and the last thing I see before I roll past is the cop pointing at the cigarette butt and yelling.
    So, rave for egomaniacal jerks getting a reality check. And rave for DC cops who issue said checks.

    • Matt

      and what that d-bag failed to realize while tossing the cigarette butt was that the cop who cited him for the first infraction had all of his information RIGHT THERE. He should be getting another one in the mail in a few weeks, and hilarity will ensue.

    • Great story!

      (And we do have laws against littering in D.C. — unfortunately, they’re rarely enforced, in part because the litterer has to be caught in the act.)

    • Yay prop to that cop.

      Our city is not your ashtray (or trashcan, for that matter!)

  • mc

    Rave: Have a meeting today which gives me an excuse to work from our downtown office. Hooray for a 10 minute bus ride as opposed to a 45 min drive out to Rockville.

    Rant: Struggling with one of my grad school classes and therefore am starting to strongly dislike the class. Dreading sitting through another three hour lecture tonight.

  • d

    anyone know when mcfaddens in cleveland park is opening?

  • Rant: my dog chasing after something yesterday in the park so fast causing me to lose the leash and him in the process

    Rave: the folks who caught him outside the park and called me immediately (those tags do work!) as i was chasing after him. a million gazillion thanks!

    Rant: the many people who laughed and shouted “that dog’s fast!” as he, and i, ran past them.

    Rave: the couple of folks who ran with me to get try and get the fast little guy back.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Went to spin for the first time in months last night. The lady was a maniac and class was not fun at all. I don’t even have that “well, it was torture, but I feel great” feeling. It was just torture.

    • was that at WSC in Columbia Heights by any chance?

      • Anonymous


    • anon

      That is annoying. You kind of have to ‘audition’ the instructors until you find one that you like (and whose music doesn’t suck). On the bright side, at least you got a workout in and know which class you shouldn’t take next time. :)

      • yeah, music at gyms blows. The insturctors are either stuck in the 80s with “working for the weekend” and reo speedwagon or nasty “club” music.

        • Balance Gym on 14th and K has some pretty good spin instructors. The music is so awesome that you don’t even notice how hard they’re working you!

  • Rant: Guys who talk to my tits, particularly at work.

    Rave; I haven’t killed anyone.

    Rave: Bad mood lifting.

    • Anonymous

      I swear to god, we try REALLY hard to maintain eye contact when talking to a woman with curves (most of us have been well trained by the women in our lives), but every ounce of our maleness fights against us to sabotage these efforts. I apologize on behalf of my gender.

      The good news is your rack probably looks spectacular today! Write your brassiere company and demand an endorsement deal!

      • another-female

        oh shut it.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, just re-read my post and what I intended to be jocular and light-hearted does come across as creepy and douchy. My bad, and my apologies.

          • apology accepted

          • Anonymous

            I thought it was funny.

        • thank you

  • Rave: Fun and productive four-day weekend.
    Rant: Now it’s over.

    Rave/Rant: Boyfriend’s parents were in town so we were busy all weekend showing them around.
    Rave: Visited the National Arboretum for the first time, and it was really impressive!
    Rave: Hosted a really fun brunch – my parents met my boyfriend’s parents for the first time (and it wasn’t horribly awkward!), and I had an excuse to do a lot of fun cooking projects (carrot cake muffins baked inside of egg shells, quinoa-stuffed mushrooms, Lebanese spiced beans, etc).

    Rant: Had a doctor’s appointment scheduled at Washington Hospital Center for yesterday (which I’d scheduled months in advance + took the day off for) and then they called about an hour before the appointment to tell me the doctor was out on vacation and cancel my appointment! They couldn’t have at least told me a week (or, heck, a couple days) in advance??
    Rave: Went to the new urgent care center in NoMa instead (I really needed a new prescription and had left it until the last minute because it was the earliest I could get the Wash Hospital appointment – and I didn’t expect them to randomly cancel on me!), and they were very friendly, the place was very clean, etc. Will definitely be going there over the ER for any small emergencies now!
    Rave: Treated myself by trying out the Takorean food truck for lunch after my doctor’s appointment, and it was really really tasty.

  • Rant (Level 1): Lazy-assed slobs who just drop their dryer sheets and lint on the laundry room floor and get a major attitude when politely reminded building policy is it must be put in the trash can.

    Rant (Level 2): People who leave their stuff in washers and dryers for hours and have insane attacks because other people take it out so they can use the machines.

    Rant (Level 3): People who have nuclear meltdowns because they went on vacation for a week and the stuff they left in the laundry wasn’t there when they returned.

    Revel: Selfish, oblivious twits colliding with the Brick Wall of Reality and discovering that no matter how loudly they bitch about it the world does not, and will not, revolve around them; instead, it’s all about everyone else. :D

  • EMM

    Rant: Neighbors at the corner of 13th and Park last night who blasted an entire Mumford & Sons album for around an hour – loud enough to wake the entire block around midnight last night. Had to call in a noise complaint to the cops- which made me feel old. But it was absolutely absurd and there was no other choice. It woke me through the ear plugs that I usually wear anyways.

    Rave: Had some nice middle of the night delirious laughs with my boyfriend over the whole situation because it was nothing shy of absurd. Reminded me how laughing at an annoying situation can certainly make it more manageable.

    • Tim

      Ugh, and of all the music to blast…

  • Doug

    Rant: pressure-treated southern yellow pine is the polybutylene plumbing of the new century.

  • Anon

    Rant: people who don’t turn the ‘click’ noises/phone sounds off on their phone while in the office

    Rave; awesome 3rd interview this morning that with any luck will get me out of said office environment soon enough

    Rave: the comedy that ensues when people who aren’t tech savvy use very techy devices

    • Anonymous

      “Rant: people who don’t turn the ‘click’ noises/phone sounds off on their phone while in the office”

      I feel you. I can’t understand why anyone would ever want to hear those noises anyway. people are generally really horrible with those phones… and to piggyback on this: rant – people who put their phones on the table during dinner. confounding.

  • ew

    Rave: My outfit today is amazing.

    Rant: I can’t go more than 2 days without chipping my nail polish.

    Rave: Meeting with someone for happy hour who could potentially have some interesting opportunities in my field to discuss…

    • KS

      I highly recommned gel/shellac manicures. Mimosa in Dupont has several different brands and they are all amazing. (I know many other salons offer them, too, that’s just the place I typically go.) I’ve always been the kind of person who can’t get a manicure to last more than a day or two, but these last 2 weeks with no chips. I can actually usually get them to last 3 weeks with no chips, but the regrowth does start to look kind of bad around the 2-2.5 week mark. (I swear I don’t work for a nail company or Mimosa, I just love my gel manis!) They can damage your nails if you peel them off (I made that mistake), but if you get them removed with acetone, your nails stay healthy. I can’t say enough good things about them!

      • I second Mimosa – even their regular manicure lasts me a week.

      • blazing sun

        I’ve never had the gel mani, but a close friend of mine gets them regularly and absolutely loves them! I just saw hers yesterday and it was 2 weeks old. No chips, but yes you could see it was growing out.

      • ew

        I’m a recovering nail biter and occasional nail peeler, so I know I would absentmindedly peel that off. I’m also in the DIY stage of my life for most extras like that…maybe once I start making more money (one day?) I’ll check it out. I’m too poor now, haha.

        • I constantly chip my nail polish as well. My solution: sheer polish on my hands. I have pretty shades of sheer peach, pink, etc., that make my nails look well manicured, and even when it chips no one can tell. I save the bright, fun colors for my toes…

        • me

          @ew, I was a nail-biter as well, and then I started getting the gel manicure. The thing is that it is such a strong shellac on your nail that it is pretty much impossible to inadvertently start picking at it. I mean, if you want to pick it off of your nails, you really need to make a concerted effort to get that stuff off. The only part I don’t like is having to soak your nails in acetone for about 10 minutes in order to get it off, because it does weaken your nails just a bit and make your fingertips pretty disgusting (albeit temporarily). But it was one thing that really helped me get out of the habit of biting my nails.

  • Rant: work load. I am dying, I think, from all the stress. Worked till 10 pm yesterday. And there’s no one to help at work as no one has free time.

    Rant #2: Have to submit my vacation requests through Labor Day by this Friday. So have to randomly project when everyone’s schedules and airline ticket prices will align more than 4 months in advance. Grr.

    No raves. Hate everyone today!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you. I think we should resurrect the old “just say no” drug campaign at abusive workplaces. if your company can’t figure its shit out, they need to hire more people or take on less work. companies that do this to their employees also need to understand that those employees are looking for new jobs.

  • anonnnnn

    rannnnnt: Was hoping to be out of this job and city by June. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen that way. My boss just came to me to discuss this huge project that will be taking place through May and June and I can no longer think to myself “well, I won’t be here for that!” *cries*

    • me

      How would a newly-assigned project change your plans? If you were planning on leaving the city and job for something else in a new city, it shouldn’t matter whether or not you have more or less work at your current job. Unless you were hoping to get a transfer within your own company?

      • anonnnnn

        sorry, for more clarity: i was hoping to find a job and housing in new city, and so far hasn’t happened yet and i am rethinking the whole thing now, at least in terms of how soon i was hoping it would happen. which means, i’m just still stuck here at this job for now.

  • rave: feeling productive at work this week for the first time in awhile!
    rant: the result of being not-very-productive for the last couple of weeks has left me with alot to get done. I can’t tell if the new bf is distracting me, or if it’s something else? allergy-related blah-ness certainly hasn’t helped either.
    funny: when my grocery list consists of coffee, cat food, chocolate, and a bottle of wine, it screams out to me “crazy cat lady!!”

  • Rant: Litter and litterers.

    I spent about an hour on Saturday picking up litter on my block — both sides of the street, for the entire block. (Usually I cover only half the block.) Within hours there was new litter, and so I did a “touch-up” job on Sunday.

    Didn’t go outside yesterday (was sick). When I walked down the block this morning, there was a TON of new litter.

    It seems some people are just plain trashy… literally.

    • Mike

      It’s been really windy all weekend. Maybe it just blows around from spots you didnt clean the first time?

      • I’m sure the wind didn’t help… but my block has a litter problem, especially in front of certain houses.

  • Rant: Had to submit my first (and hopefully last) sexual harassment report to Metro this morning thanks to the pervert on the yellow line oogling me while he masterbated! He looked like a “regular” guy on his morning commute into work. It was upsetting and there were only a few people on the train so I didn’t feel safe to confront him and he jumped off of the train when he saw that I was getting ready to take his pic.

    Rave: At least there is a mechanism for reporting this stuff. Hopefully he rides the same train around the same time each day and a metro sting can take him down.

  • Rant: After months and months of being completely slammed at work I now have next to nothing to do. I should enjoy it while it lasts (won’t be for long), but my day is crawling by…I forgot what it’s like to be bored at work. Not fun.

    Rave: Homemade chicken and rice soup for lunch.

  • Chocolate covered strawberry with bacon. That is all.

  • Rant: Have been waiting for a week and a half to get a response on the offer we put in on a house. We are the only offer, and the selling agent is super lazy and refuses to correctly explain the rules of FHA loans to the older woman who is the seller.

    Rave: At least we are the only offer!

  • me

    Rant: Was just told by someone at work that my eyes make me look like a cow. Uh….. I have been told that my eyes are big and have been told they are “doe-like”, but this is the first time I’ve ever been told that I looked like a cow.

    Rave: I actually think I look quite nice today. I am loving my new skirt.

    • classic_six

      I was going to say maybe it was a compliment, even if odd at that. Putting the best spin on it, I was thinking that it referred to your having large eyes, which could easily have been a compliment. Hopefully it was; even if it wasn’t – assume that it was. Heh.

    • Former Farmer

      Cows have very pretty eyes…take it as a compliment!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: I need a new General Contractor, mine isn’t returning calls… Screwing up my loan process. 203k may not be a good way to go.

  • Rant: Mission my old non-profit job where flip-flops were considered “appropriate” attire.

    Rave: NOT missing the office politics and lack of funding and overbearing boss…

    Rant: Feeling very snack-y today and there is Easter candy sitting on my desk. What a dangerous trap!

    Rave: Friend from home in town for the weekend! We haven’t been close since, oh, 8th grade, but its still fun to show off my city!

    Rave: The Legwarmers are back at the State Theater on May 19th! Get your ticket quick, before they sell out!

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Friend gave me his ticket to go see White Denim since he is out of town.

    Rant: I have no idea who or what White Denim is. I need to get out more!


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