Menomale, Pizza Napoletana and Craft Beer, Signs Voluntary Agreement in Brookland

by Prince Of Petworth April 6, 2012 at 2:30 pm 15 Comments

2711 12th St, NE

It’s been quite the saga for Menomale to get their liquor license in Brookland. Good news came via the Brookland listserv yesterday afternoon from the folks behind Menomale:

“Thank you so much for your support this experience has been invaluable. We literally just signed a voluntary agreement w Mr Bennett on behalf of the ANC. We have agreed to not serve alcohol from 2-5 schooldays as a show of good faith towards the community. With this we have also received the ANC’S approval for our sidewalk cafe in the process gathering friends and not enemies. We absolutely love this communities support and will make an announcement following our hearing tomorrow.”

  • classic_six

    What is a voluntary agreement? Is this where you sign an agreement but agree that you will not be serving alcohol?

    • classic_six

      Never mind – I looked it up.

      • There’s nothing ‘voluntary’ about them. You either sign or the ANC prevents you from receiving a liquor license.

  • JD

    Silly they had to do this in the first place, but at least it’s not too restrictive. Patrons can still have a beer with lunch or an early dinner on weekdays, and no restriction on the weekend….

  • So no happy hour? Plpththththt.

    • Huh? In what universe does happy hour go from 2-5pm?

      • Ronald

        The best one.

      • Some food and drinkeries will have happy hour during the slow period between lunch and dinner to encourage early diners.

  • Grammatical Error

    “community’s” :)

  • InVoluntary

    So – 2-5 on weekdays. Good to know when not to bother going there. They might as well be closed.

  • JPG

    I agree. And what happened to the mysterious/secret rehab center which was the basis of Mr. Bennett withdrawing his support for the liquor license in the first place? I would think that the voluntary agreement would say something about the rehab center since the rehab center, rather than Noyes, was the basis of Mr. Bennett’s withdrawal of support initially.

  • Congratulations on getting through the crap. I don’t suppose they considered letting you – say – oh – maybe just not serving alcohol to children?

  • Gerald

    What exactly are they volunteering?

  • 4theluvofgod

    Thank god those students at a nearby school can’t stop by for a beer on their way home from school. Because the voluntary agreement prevented that from happening.

  • Anonymous

    This is a classic political face saving maneuver on the part of Mr. Bennett, I suspect either because of a strong show of support from the community or he got a heads up that Menomale would likely be granted their license. He got “something” for his opposition but in reality that “something” is nothing as the volume of beers served from 2-5pm on weekdays would likely be minimal and the agreement is not enforceable.

    Chalk another one up to petty politics


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