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  • monkeyrotica

    Finally, the Sursum Corda crowd will have a nice, clean place to shop and get all stabby.

    • m. blaster

      it will be thunderdome for yuppies vs thugs.

    • Anon

      Weekly stabby specials?

    • LOL! I love that word stabby.

  • Andy

    Of course there’s a big hole in the ground, how else are they suppose to restock their stores from the depths of Hell?

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious as to where this is going to draw most of it’s clients from beyond Sursum Corda. Traffic down there is already helltastic.

    • AngryParakeet

      You are so right. “We Don’t Need Another Hero…..”

    • Anonymous

      seriously? there are fairly dense neighborhoods all around it. it won’t have a problem of a lack of customers.

      • ET

        Well considering there is another one not all that far away on NY Avenue it may these two stores do compete for customers other than me.

  • When Target opened in Columbia Heights, it had the distinct honor for the first 7 months of breaking all past records for Target stores worldwide in terms of amount of “stock-loss”, which is just a polite term for shoplifting.

    I think Walmart is going to have the same issue with a couple of these stores they plan on opening in DC.

    • Anonymous

      “When Target opened in Columbia Heights, it had the distinct honor for the first 7 months of breaking all past records for Target stores worldwide in terms of amount of “stock-loss”, which is just a polite term for shoplifting.”

      You have actual numbers to back that comment up or are you just talking out of your you know what?

      • Anonymous

        I believe him/her, and I bet this new Walmart will break all of their previous records, as well.

        • Anonymous

          And I bet the NY ave store leaves this one in the stock loss dust.

      • CH Neighbor

        With figures like that I can understand why Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have no interest in opening in Columbia Heights. I don’t blame them.

        I have witnessed shoplifting at the Giant multiple times.

        • The irregular regular

          Aside from the knawed chicken wing bone that I always see at Giant, I haven’t seen any shoplifting. Also, I looked briefly for the Target stats but wasn’t able to locate anything. That said, if it wasn’t a good business decision for Target to open up in CH, then they would have closed the store down.

          • Anon

            Retail is very competitive, so there’s no way stock-loss stats are going to be posted on line by the company that compiles them. And the losses would have to be huge to justify closing down a store in less than a year – generally these places have 10+ year leases, the cost for which doesn’t just evaporate if the store closes.

          • You gnow that knawed isn’t spelled that way right?

        • I have witnessed people opening packages and talking to the frozen food at Giant several times (I am serious).

    • Two questions:

      What happened after 7 months?
      Are there any vacancies on your Columbia Heights booster club?

      • KS

        I, too, wonder what happened after 7 months. Having worked in several capacities in retail, I know that large portions of loss come from employees-theft, incorrect scanning of items, etc. I wonder if that had anything to do with the huge loss levels and with why they dropped off.

        (I don’t know exact statistics off the top of my head, but I recall learning that about 45% of shrink is from employee theft, about 35% is from shoplifting, and the other 20% is from employee error, vendor error, etc.)

    • Anon

      May be true, but way to be one-sided….the Target in Columbia Heights is one of the best preforming Targets, it’s doing MUCH better than they projected.
      (Unfortunately for shoppers like me, that makes it a mess of a shopping experience with long lines and occasionally out of stock.)
      My info comes from a corp person (not retail) at Target.

  • A quick google search couldn’t find it, but there is a persistent rumor that our DCUSA Target is one of the highest grossing Targets in the country. No wonder Wal-Mart is licking its chops over a gigantic profit over loss leader that is DC.

  • Can’t wait to stake out w/ my camera for more of “people of Walmart photos!” LOL

  • Cool – I hope the Georgia and Missouri NW project catches up. Curtis Chevy came down quick (finally) but haven’t seen much action lately on the flattened remains.


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