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Back Alley Waffles Opens in Mt. Vernon Square

by Prince Of Petworth April 17, 2012 at 10:30 am 19 Comments

Well this is an awesome addition to Bladgen Alley near Mt. Vernon Square. Back Alley Waffles is located at 1209 10th St NW REAR – in Blagden Alley:

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You can see their menu here:

Waffles $8

fluffy Belgian waffle, served with
fresh churned butter and
real maple syrup

Smoothies $6
delicious! includes all of the following:

fresh apple
and carrot juices blended with
vanilla yogurt
and aloe vera

Coffee $2
Chai $2
WiFi Free

They are open 7am – 1pm.

There’s actually four great things going on in the space:

Back Alley Waffles—our waffle and smoothie bar. See why it’s worth tracking us down.
Blagden Alley Gallery and Design Studio—the artwork of co-owners, Craig Nelsen and Sherman Davis.
Green Roof Project—on the roof of the waffle shop, an oasis of green.
BuddyClubs—a non-profit effort to help those in distress due to loneliness or isolation find community.

  • Can’tHelpMyself

    1. This sounds delicious… but
    2. That name sounds like an illegal sexual position.

  • anonnnnn

    i do love waffles. and i do love blagden alley. sweet.

  • Anonymous

    holy awesome!

  • so16

    Waffles!!! Yum.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if they’re open on weekends?

  • RIP fight club

    • Anonymous

      Do you mean the boxing gym? It’s gone? I was considering joining that gym.

      • Neighbor

        It’s still open — saw people in there last night.

      • Anonymous

        Very different things

        • Anon

          lol, very, very different things

          • jaynuze

            ahh … so that’s where Tony Hawk “dropped in” from the roof

  • Anonymous

    Ain’t no waffle like a back alley waffle!

  • Steve

    See, they took are breakfast idea!

  • gena

    $6 smoothies? Get outta here.

  • Went here this morning, they have one kind of smoothie (which to be honest looked pretty rowdy) but they didn’t have any ice?? I also walked by the night before and it looked like all the ingredients were sitting out overnight and all they had was regular coffee.

    Don’t get me wrong, when they get ice going over there, i’ll be all over it.

  • classic_six

    That sign is fantastic (oodles of charm) – wish there more of those around this city.

  • Uh?

    How is it that a waffle is worth $8? It’s flour, water, salt, eggs, sugar, maybe buttermilk.

    And don’t tell me maple syrup. A huge container of great artisanal buzzword syrup is like $12.

  • Forrest MacCormack

    Awesome! Can’t wait to give this place a try. Sundevich is awesome! my hopes is that this place compliments it very well. It looks like it will. So happy this is here. Best of Luck!

  • NoLongerNew2CH

    Tried going today and it was closed, with a sign saying that they had been overwhelmed by interest and were closing temporarily until they could figure things out, or something to that effect, so if you are interested in going in the next week or so, I’d call first to check on the status.


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