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Mad Momos Coming to Columbia Heights to Feature 2nd Floor Outdoor Beer Garden

by Prince Of Petworth March 12, 2012 at 11:23 pm 31 Comments

In March 2011 we learned that a new bar and restaurant called Mad Momos was coming to 3605 14th St, NW (at Perry Place.) Late last week I took a quick tour to see how things were shaping up. Holy cow. This is a serious renovation. While they’re keeping some historical details, the house was built around 1910/20, this is a near complete gut job.

First floor

If their vision is realized this place has the potential to be absolutely amazing. There is going to be a small patio out front and dining on the first floor. While the second floor will lead to a lounge and outdoor beer garden!

Second floor

I can’t wait to show the after pictures. It’s hard to believe but if all goes well they are aiming for a June opening. But we’ll revisit before then with more details as construction progresses.

Did I mention the outdoor beer garden?

  • monkeyrotica

    Looks cool. I wonder how the neighbors feel about having a beer garden in their backyard. I predice Jim Graham will move to close this place after the first IPA-related stabbing unless the owners make a large contribution to the Campaign to Re-elect the Grahamstander. Just to be on the safe side, they should sell pancakes. You’ve never heard of a pancake place being closed after a stabbing, have you?

    • mj

      +1. Ha ha ha. Pancakes.

  • wreckfish

    Wow! What was there before? As I recall it was just vacant. Amazing to go from vacant crap to swanky beer garden.

    I too wonder about the neighbors but I guess we’ll find out….

    • AngryParakeet

      Bike commuting through this stretch I’d say this new business will not add to the cacophony of these very active blocks of 14th. I hope neighbors won’t find this addition a minus – it’s already loud with street and sidewalk activity. Even if they are irritated I don’t think they will be attending ANC meetings to complain.

      • mj

        Agreed. This is a very commercial and busy stretch. A beer garden will be a welcome addition. I, for one, am glad to see something like this coming to within walking distance.

  • Stoney_D

    The neighbors will be fine, Columbia Heights itself is already a big beer garden.

  • Anonymous

    This sounds awesome. I can’t wait.

  • This was a funeral parlor before, right? Which brings up the question, why were there so many funeral places on 14th St.? At least three or four between Harvard and Shepherd St. NW.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      We had an interesting discussion about this in Oct. 2007:


      • Interesting thread indeed! Thanks for posting the link.

    • Brian Kraft

      As the self-appointed historian for that part of the world, I can tell you definitively that back in the day people used to die A LOT. Consumption, The Cancer, streetcars, influenza…there were LOTS of ways to die back then. Everybody who used to live in CH is dead. It’s a shame.

      @PoPs, pretty much everything in that stretch was built in 1907-11 after the streetcar was extended from Park Road to the Bus (formerly Streetcar) Barn.

      • Anonymous


      • saf

        “Everybody who used to live in CH is dead. It’s a shame.”

        I don’t know why, but this made me laugh REALLY hard.

  • Bradford

    So long as the beer garden is respectful and doesn’t blast music until all hours of the night, they’ll be better than a number of the current neighbors.

  • Momo lover

    Will they actually have momos? We love momos. Or did they jsut think the word was cool…

    • ggm

      They will have momos — combo of the recipes from one of the owner’s grandmother, mother, and aunts — but from what I hear the general slant is New American Cuisine with cross cultural crossovers. I can’t wait for this place to open!

  • Momo lover

    Will they actually have delicious momos? If so, I could care less about the beer garden. Or did they just think the word was cool?

    • momofan2

      That was my question too! I would be so excited if there were real momos!

  • Anonymous

    They should have a funeral parlor line of drinks, “The Casket” “The Autopsy” “Formaldehyde” : )

    Gonna be some major cool Halloween parties here, “Drink with the ghosts!”

    It is kinda odd to have a major bar in the middle of a line of row houses, gonna be hell on the next door neighbors, but I guess if they did not mind a Funeral Parlor there may be they are a different kind of neighbor.

    • Bradford

      That block of 14th street isn’t so much a line of rowhouses, but a line of mixed-use properties. There are some residences there, but there’s also a religious bookstore, a tiny church, a hostel, and some commercial office space. Not to mention that there are a bunch of bars and restaurants on the opposite side of the street.

  • Anon3

    Very exciting.

    I assume the portion in the front (the ‘popout’, if you will), which was there from the funeral home is not part of the original structure?

    • Anonymous

      I too am curious if this ‘pop out’ will be removed during renovation. I certainly hope so. That said, I’ll take a beer garden within blocks of my house with or without the ugly ‘pop out’.

      • CH Resident

        The “pop out” was there from the original owners. It is my understanding that the “pop out” will be modified.

  • jd

    This will be in my backyard and I am totally excited about it. I met the owners over the weekend. One of them is a longtime neighborhood resident and they seem to have a great plan for a cool place.

  • lrds

    This is so exciting for the neighborhood!
    Small suggestion for the owners: start a Facebook account for Mad Momo’s and document your renovation! It has been so much fun watching DC Reynolds change as they finish work on their bar and patio – and it’s totally built up the suspense to go try it out when it opens this month.

    • Do you know what date D.C. Reynolds is supposed to open?

  • NC33

    I hope they serve momos. yum. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Momo_(dumpling)

  • As someone who owns a home at 14th and Perry, I’m thrilled to have this establishment open. A successful restaurant/bar with a beer garden is far better than a long-empty commercial space. If the food and drink live up to the renovation, I’ll be a frequent patron. As for noise, if you’ve ever walked by 14th and Perry on a Saturday night, you know it’s already loud. An extra bar on 14th isn’t going to make much difference to me.

  • Richard

    In a news close to this location, CK hotel has posted a demolition application on the front door. The demolition company applied for a permit to start the demolition. I don’t know what is coming to this place.

    • GforGood


  • holmead

    I am so excited about this new addition to upper Columbia Heights. I live on Holmead Pl and am happy to support any local businesses rather than national chains that are by the DC USA. I can’t wait to hang out at their beer garden and eat some yummy momos (if they do offer it). From the looks of the pics, it looks like an amazing place to hang out. An alternative to nights when I don’t feel like going all the way down to U street.


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