Friday Question of the Day – Where is your favorite bar/restaurant patio or roofdeck?

by Prince Of Petworth March 15, 2012 at 10:22 pm 48 Comments

With such beautiful weather and new bars and restaurants popping up every week I gotta ask about outdoor dining and drinking. Back in July 2008 we touched upon some good roof decks in the city but we are way past due for an update.

I’m voting Red Derby’s roof deck and Room 11’s patio. But I also love waterfront areas so I have to put in a vote for Cantina Marina at the SW Waterfront and Tony and Joes in Georgetown (hopefully the Georgetown waterfront dining areas damaged by the floods will get fixed soon.) I’m also super eager to see how the Fairgrounds taking over the old bullpen bars by Nats Park turns out. Of course I also like the veranda at Veranda and I think the roof deck coming to the Brixton is gonna be awesome. Hmm, I guess this is a tougher question than I thought.

Nevertheless, for this week’s FQotD – Where is your favorite roof deck and/or patio in the city? Any new(ish) bars/restaurants have a particularly good outdoor space? Any other ones you think are particularly promising?

  • TG

    I have to vote for the Hotel Washington (gasp, the W). I had my wedding reception there and it is hard to beat that location and view.

    • Craig

      I have to agree. Just had an alumni reception there and it was stunning.

  • Kam

    Nicely done PoP.

  • Anonymous

    standard me!

    • anon

      Me too!

  • Lisa

    Red derby..

  • Red Derby and Room 11, definitely . . .

  • Mellow Mushroom’s 3rd floor. Cute lights, separate bar, variety of outdoor seating.

    Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about this place. Thank goodness a consistently reliable place finally set up shop in Adams Morgan–and it isn’t full of the regular weekend crowd!!

    • dl

      Seconding MM. I love Standard, too, but if you don’t get there early or aren’t fantastically lucky you ain’t getting a seat.

    • Anonymous

      is the third floor a roof top?

      • Yep – 3rd floor is half covered (bar area), half uncovered

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I second Nellies. Also think the one across U street that is under construction looks like it will be amazing.

    • I third Nellie’s! Love the Standard’s patio as well.

  • I haven’t spent a long time up there since it wasn’t good weather at the time, but when I visited Zeba bar on 14th right after they opened for happy hour I remember peeking up there and thinking the roof was nice.

    • Cynthia

      + 1 on Zeba

  • gotta say Cantina Marina. Great mix of people. Food isn’t ideal, but you can’t beat the view!

    • Anonymous

      The deck bar at Sequoia – Georgetown waterfront.

    • Anonymous

      Great mix of people? They’re all young, white suburbanites. And some SWers who are there for the first time out of curiosity. But that’s it.

  • The back patio area and back upstairs area at Biergarten Haus

    The patio at Looking Glass needs a mention as well.

    • Anonymous

      Second. I wish there were more German-style biergartens in DC. Wonderland’s patio, with the picnic tables and neighborhood feel is nice, but I want more spots with a communal feeling.

      • Anonymous

        I believe there’s supposed to be a new place like that opening on Barracks Row, south of the freeway. I think.

        • I don’t think that’s ever happening (sadly).

  • SM

    The courtyard at Poste!

  • mcloone’s pier house – it looks amazing – cant wait to go

  • Anonymous

    I thought I heard that Cantina Marina will be demolished when the redevelopment work hits that part of the waterfront fairly soon. Can anyone confirm or refute?

    • Anonymous

      It was my understanding that everything was to be demolished, including the fish market and marina, but then rebuilt and the businesses would have places in the new space. But I think businesses like Cantina Marina and H2O will have to apply for the space. I don’t think it will be demolished for a while because of the many phases.

  • Anonymous

    I have 2 based on what I’m looking for.

    Overall and best year-round: Marvin
    For the views: POV (@ the W)

    Masa 14’s roof deck is supposed to open soon too. That’s been a long time coming.

  • I love Veranda’s veranda, but in the summer it’s impossible to sit there very long without getting attacked by mosquitoes. Last summer when my friends and I stopped by for happy hour, the waitress gave us a can of bug spray! Needless to say, I’m going to enjoy Veranda’s veranda as much as I can during the spring, then find someplace else come June.

  • Micha

    Perry’s and Jack Rose (I prefer the latter on a weeknight).

    • michael

      Jack Rose is great, but would be even better if the bar was on the opposite side, giving you a view of downtown! I’m assuming its all for structural/building reasons, because otherwise, what a wasted opportunity.

  • I’m partial to the rooftop of my building… 1) Best views in the city from the top of MHP. 2) The drinks are cheaper! 3) Great neighbors and only a few steps to my bed when I’m done with the evening. :)

  • anon

    the reef and perry’s

  • Although I didn’t love the food, Smith Commons on H Street has some nice outdoor space. Otherwise, I third Red Derby and Room 11. Heck, the entirety of 11th Street … on a nice day, love seeing all the people stretching from Meridian Pint down to Wonderland (with more soon on the way …).

  • Sully

    Went to Darnell’s pub/ pop up last Sunday and it was the best. Great crowd, mellow atsmosphere, NO pretention. The scones are wonderful. I swear they had a pumpkin scone with chili peppers in it. Awesome. It will be my go to summer place.

  • Anonymous

    National Portrait Gallery Atrium – Not a bar but they serve booze and are open till 7PM.

  • We shouldn’t forget Leopold’s in Georgetown. Tucked away off of an alley behind M Street, it’s quiet and serene. Great place for an afternoon beer in the sun

  • Kevin

    Argonaut on H St NE

  • Anonymous

    DC9! Never crowded, unpretentious and CHEAP happy hour. I also third Mellow Mushroom as best new rooftop bar.

  • Anonymous

    Biergarten on Cap Hill, back patio at Tabard Inn, the Old Angler’s Inn, upstairs deck at Cava, the front patio at Java House on Q…
    Not in DC but there is a little crab place called the Happy Harbor out in Deale, Md. that has a biker bar in the front and an old fashioned family dining in back, it happened to be near our old marina, many fond memories. Red Eye Dock Bar and The Jetty at Kent Narrows. The Bayside Skillet in OC.

  • Tim

    Red Derby, Marvin, DC9, all awesome

  • QT

    Reef and Red derby..

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, also El Centro has $4 margaritas during happy hour and they are very potent. Then you can go across the street to the Standard.

    • Anonymous

      El Centro’s is fantastic. I love that rooftop – great happy hour special.

      I’m also partial to American Ice.

  • If I were alive in 1897, it would have been at Kozel’s at 1827 14th Street: outdoor seating for 200, German beer and live music!


  • Anonymous

    Indigo Landing in VA. Views of the city and flights landing at DCA.

    • Seriously?

      Seriously? Do you really think that we are all going to flock to VA to watch planes land at National?


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