Friday Question of the Day – At What Point, if any, Do You Say: “I’ve Had Enough, I’m Moving?”

Photo by PoPville flickr user McGhee Street Photography

This has been a rough week with numerous reports of muggings around town. But something else I read from the MPD-5D listserv really got me thinking about our quality of life. Here’s an excerpt:

Counting the stolen plants, stolen stepping stones, destroyed planter pots, bashed in garage door, and 3 occurrences of spray-painted graffiti, this is the 12th time our Eckington [Ed. Note: specific address removed and this situation could apply to many of the neighborhoods we live in.] property has been vandalized or robbed in the two years and three months since we moved into it. Each incident on its own may seem somewhat insignificant and maybe we should just be happy that we haven’t been mugged at gunpoint yet, but when you look at the combined losses and expenses it is very troublesome. It makes me angry, as well as discouraged.

I know we all have different philosophies/thresholds but I’m curious what would you do if you faced this exact situation. Assuming you are renting or are could sell your property without much of a loss – would you move? Would you set an arbitrary time frame, like, “if it doesn’t stop or get better in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years etc. I’m moving”?

Would your calculations change if you were mugged at gunpoint?

Like I said, we all have different ways of reacting and we may not know how we would react unless we actually experienced them but for today’s Friday Question of the Day – what would you/do you think you would do if you were in the same situation as the OP? Would you ever move to a different neighborhood/city if your quality of life degraded or didn’t improve like you thought it would?

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