Washington, DC

Dear PoPville,

On my bike commute home today I rode through Lafayette Park as always. As I approached the car entrance on H Street, a cop SUV, not sure which police force probably Secret Service, was entering and the first set of blockade bars were lowering into the ground so that the SUV could pass. I purposefully waited until the car stopped to wait for the second set of bars to lower and I was sure there was room for me on the side. As I went through the cop got out, blocking my way with the door, and told me to get on the sidewalk and that “this is a roadway, think about it, you’re going to get yourself killed!” I said that I was thinking about it and rode off.

Right after, I remembered that I thought it was illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk in DC and stewed about not delivering that pertinent fact as a comeback line. When I got home, I of course Googled it and came up with this from DDOT.

It looks like Lafayette Park is within the CBD, but is there some restriction to this no-sidewalks rule in parks managed by the NPS?


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