Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user FrenchTwistDC

Dear PoPville,

For the second time this week, power has inexplicably gone out in Ledroit Park, affecting my home and nearly 400 other Pepco customers. The first time this happened, it was already about 10pm and the power was restored sometime during the night. Today, the power went out this morning around 7:30am, and they are currently predicting that it won’t be restored until 8:00pm tonight (although every time I check, it gets later).

There is no explanation whatsoever on the Pepco website for this outage. I was wondering if any of my fellow residents know what could be causing these outages, so I know where to direct my anger at having to take an ice cold shower this morning while 8 months pregnant, because I really needed to be more uncomfortable than I already am.

I was also wondering whether I am still paying for electricity even though I have none? I have read elsewhere about people paying for power during blackouts.

Pregnant Lady Freezing in Ledroit Park


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