Washington, DC

I have to warn you straight away, this is gonna be one of those posts where I can’t really contain my enthusiasm. But cut me some slack, it is the enthusiasm of someone who has been waiting nine years for something like this. Holy freaking awesome, you’re gonna have to trust me a bit too because the photos are obviously rough and don’t do the space justice. But here goes! Holy freaking awesome. Alright I’m calm now.

For those who are not familiar with the project – it is from the Hilton brothers Eric and Ian – the guys behind Marvin, Gibson, Blackbyrd, soon to be Brixton etc. We took a peek (and some lucky ones a taste) at some preview menus here and here. While, I’m guessing it’s still 4 weeks or so from opening now it’s time to take a peek inside 3815 and 3817 Georgia Ave, NW. Not shown is the outdoor space. This is just a taste:

Booths on the first floor

Sweet ceiling

Upstairs looking downstairs

Continues after the jump.

Upstairs bar

First floor (it actually extends outside the frame of this photo)

Opposite bar on first floor


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