Update on Off Duty Police Officer Intentionally Hit/Harassed by Car While on her Bike

by Prince Of Petworth January 11, 2012 at 11:00 am 44 Comments

Photo by flickr user Gerry Dincher

Back in June 2011 we looked at an incident about an off duty police officer who was intentionally hit/harassed by a car in Columbia Heights:

I was stopped [on a bike] at the intersection of 13th and Kenyon St. NW at a red light, waiting to turn left onto 13th St. Kenyon is a one-way street going west, and I was on the left side of the street, since I would be turning left. While waiting for the light I heard a car speed up Kenyon St. behind me…

The light turned green and I started to proceed. And then I felt *BUMP!!!!!* again, this time a bit harder…

So I stopped. Pulled out my police badge (yes, I’m a cop if you didn’t know before. No I really don’t want to talk about it, thanks) showed it to the driver and motioned him to stay right where he was.

Thanks to a reader for sending a link to the update from a Girl on a Bicycle:

In the end: Mr. Harrison was sentenced to 36 months for the felony fleeing, 36 months for felony possession of a firearm and 180 days for the assault on a police officer, to be served concurrently. So basically, 3 years (minus the year he’s already served while sitting in jail since being arrested). I am happy with this. It’s the high end of the spectrum for each of the charges, and even though its concurrent, not consecutive, I feel its enough.

My hope is that maybe Mr. Harrison will learn his lesson this time. Maybe.

And maybe others out there might think twice before doing something dangerous to another human being and think they could get away with it. I am very sure Mr. Harrison had no idea what the consequences would be for doing something he probably thought was no big deal. That night, I was just another girl on a bicycle. Today, he’s just another criminal in jail.


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