• LibrariNerd

    The breakfast bagels are really good. The chocolate chip cookies are good but the oatmeal raisin cookies are even better.

  • Best of luck to this place – I am optimistic they will get enough business on the weekends to tide them over until NoMa fills up with office blocks and the real money starts rolling in.

    • Michael Bivins


      By the way, Ronnie, we’re getting the group back together!

  • notlawd

    Yum! I have been waiting for this place to open. I cant tell from the pict, do they have more seating than just the one table? Are they only planning to serve breakfast?

    • Anonymous-est

      I could be wrong but it looks like it focuses on desserts and coffee drinks (with some b-fast items) judging by the name and menu on the wall.

      • They have a few tables and currently serve breakfast, desserts and coffee drinks. I was told lunch is coming soon…

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if they are open early?

    • Anonymous

      I think they’re open at like 7 or 8 on weekdays.

  • 10

    I haven’t been there, but I’ve been an Uncle Chips mail-order customer for years. Best cookies around.

  • rgd

    I’m looking forward to checking it out for the first time this weekend. I’ve sampled a number of Uncle Chip’s products in the past, and the buckwheat banana bread and short bread cookies are particularly delicious. Happy that the store front is up and running!

  • mya

    live around the block, can’t wait to try it, any idea about the opening hours?

  • I tried searching, what was the name (and whatever happened) to that place that was only selling chocolate chip cookies, and nothing else? That was different from Uncle Chips right…

  • What’s their seating capacity? I’d like to find a place where I can sit down, eat a scone, drink a cup of coffee, do a crossword, and leave in a timely fashion. Willing to travel from Adams Morgan, where mac-squatters have taken over all coffee shops in a 1 mile radius.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, the Mac squatters need to leave town. Just because the credit card payments are so high on that MacBook that you can’t afford Internet access at home, doesn’t mean you can drink one cup of coffee over a 6-hour period and use the free WiFi to continuously check your Facebook status.

      • Anonymous

        Sidamo is one of my favorite places in DC and they have a serious issue with this. It makes me so mad! There are like 6 tables. Sitting on one for 3 hours is SO rude.

  • Anonymous-est

    Looks great! Welcome to the neighborhood. Looks like there’s a nice space for outdoor tables when the weather gets nice, too.

  • John B

    POP, what did you think of what you ordered while you were in there?

  • dev

    My favs: the chocolate chip cookies and the bagels (Uncle Chip’s gets them from New York, which may explain why they’re the best bagels I’ve had in DC)

    • Anonymous

      So what’s actually made on site? Just cookies?

  • Looks good, except for the bright blue-green paint. My eyes!!

    • Anonymous

      I hope the cookies are good, I’ll be sure to try them out. The paint job, yeah, it’s kinda loud.

  • Anonymous

    Look PoP, you know the rules: “Truxton Circle” is only the name for that area in crime reports. All positive news should use “NoMA.” What are you trying to do, bring the property values down?

    • Anonymous

      Also, those of us in the neighborhood have decided to stop calling it “Truxton Circle” until we can actually get the circle rebuilt. It’s a little disingenuous

      • Anonymous

        I know understanding Of neighborhood histories is a weak spot for most people but neighbors have only been calling it truxton circle for about 10 years. That drive toward a branding of the area to separate itself from greater shaw helped at least get a ddot traffic study to look into rebuilding the circle.

        Your boycott of the name for the reason you mentioned is counter to your goal.

        • Truxton Circle is a shameful name. We might as well call it Bullsh*t Circle — because that, my friend, is a far more accurate name.

          Here’s some history for you. “Truxton Circle” was coined in the late 90’s in a clandestine meeting of the rube-schillin’ realtors. Those in attendance toasted to their hamfisted, dishonest neologism as they always did in those days — with a goblets of half-congealed monkey blood. And so it was done.

          Branding is important. I grant you that. But I’d like to point out that your argument actually underlines the failure of “Truxton Circle” as a brand. It’s false branding. Surely, a suitable brand is better than the wrong one.

          • what’s the name, if any, that you prefer? i know people that call it Bates, Shaw, Shaw East, or even Dunbar.

      • I’m gonna boycott DC until we get Arlington back.

    • Mike

      Oh, that isn’t Truxton Circle at NY / Florida / First NE?

      • calvo

        Nope, that’s Dave Thomas Circle!

  • Anon X

    This place and Revive seem like great additions, but terrible locations for such a place. No parking at all and isolated by the Bermuda Triangle of DC. If you want to walk there, no matter what direction you are coming from you have to cross either North Cap, Florida, or NY Ave – probably 2 of the 3.

    I want to try these places, but going to them seems like a huge pain.

    • Anonymous

      Give it time.

  • CorcoranStreetKitchen

    We live up the street and stopped by for breakfast on Monday. Great bagel sandwiches and they have really great coffee. It looks like they have some healtiher options too (granola, etc). The chopcolate chip cookies are fantastic and I really love the oatmeal ones too. There were about 5-6 tables for 2 in the seating area up front and the owner was really friendly and chatted with us while we ordered. Exciting to have a cute little breakfast spot/bakery open up in the nieghborhood.

  • kingpinjoel

    Right now they’re just doing breakfast, but the owner tells me she has plans to expand the lunch menu after the Valentines day mail orders are pushed out. They’re going to add Deli style cold sandwiches as well as hot panini’s ( I think ).

  • BigAL

    This place is the BEST! Have to try the chocolate chip cookies… Oh Brother they are good.

  • Eric

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could get Truxton Circle restored? I believe it was removed to help Maryland commuters get into DC faster. Now, a multi-billion dollar metro system has been built, so I think it’s reasonable to bring the Truxton Circle back and make it more of a neighborhood again. The place is really turning around and the Circle – in conjunction with the Florida Ave Streetcar would be awesome. These new businesses are teriffic! I love Uncle Chip’s and Revive and try to support them as much as I can. Catania Bakery too!

    • DavidAtDunbar


      It’d be interesting to see if you could make the Truxton Circle debate one of the issues of the Ward 5 Councilmember election. I don’t know if that’s even within the jurisdiction of the Council… but it would raise awareness.


    • Stefan

      ‘Cause God forbid the Maryland commuters actually drive no more than the 25 mph speed limit down that stretch of N. Cap. Wouldn’t want to slow them down any…

  • Maria

    This place rocks! The cookies divine!! Good vibes , great place. Highly recommend.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve ordered these wonderful cookies online several times to send as gifts as well as a treat for myself. They are truly wonderful!! Good luck on their opening a storefront!

  • z

    I was there for tea and a little mini blueberry bread– it was great. Shannon and the other staff are really nice, and it’s warm and cozy with a sunny window. I look forward to some patio seating, maybe with a hedge or screen to block the view of the traffic, and perhaps staying open a bit later on Saturdays. I really hope they can hang in there!

  • Aaron Holman

    I loved Uncle Chip’s BEFORE IT WAS COOL! I can’t wait to eat your cookies again!


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