Washington, DC

Dear PoP,

This building at the intersection of New Jersey Ave and Florida Ave NW, quietly went from looking like the other houses on this block to having a glass front window and over the weekend an awning proclaiming Pizarro. Sure looks like a restaurant inside, fingers crossed! Any ideas on the who/what/when/where of this spot?

I actually stopped by Sat. afternoon before the awning went up at 467 Florida Ave, NW:

It’s funny – I received a tip that this space was going to become a cafe over a year ago. I kept my eye on it and just thought it was mistaken info. Then, like you said, all of a sudden massive progress was made. (Thanks to others who sent emails as well that something was going on.) I spoke with one of the residents of the building who said that the landlord told them a cafe with pizza could be coming. At first I thought it was going to more of a coffee cafe but with the name Pizzarro, clearly, there will be a bigger pizza angle. Stay tuned for more info when it becomes available.


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