Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user [F]oxymoron

Dear PoPville,

I received a parking ticket on September 3, 2011 at 3:23 am in a residential parking zone in front of my house . The original violation was “fail prop affix stk”. I requested a hearing by mail with evidence to support my case. On January 12, 2012, I finally received a ruling by mail. The letter states that I am liable for “obstruction of tags”. This is a totally different violation. I immediately checked the ticket number and it was the same. Somehow during the process of requesting a hearing by the mail the original violation was changed in error. On January 13, 2012, I made a trip to adjudication services to ask that violation be reversed. After an hour, I was told that no one there had the authority to reverse the ruling and that only the hearing examiner can reverse the ruling, even if it was in error. I was told to write a hand written note to the hearing examiner asking for reconsideration. According to the letter I received, I must pay the $50 ticket by February 5th to avoid tags my being suspended.

What recourse do I have here? Right now I’m waiting to hear back from a hearing examiner that may or may not have received my hand written note. I have already written my council person. I am wondering if any of your reader have any suggestions. Has this happened to anyone else?


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